Meditation, reflexology and tai chi were added to the treatments … – Daily BAE

They are employed in medical centers from buenos aires to relieve pain and connect with the present.

Meditation, reflexology and tai chi were added to the treatments ... - Daily BAE 1

Tai chi chuan, reflexology, acupuncture, music therapy, massage, and meditation are some of the practices that are increasingly being added as a complement to traditional medicine and are already being implemented in several hospitals in buenos aires and private centers of the City where the used to relieve patients with cancer or joint pain.

From the Hospital Clinics to the Institute of Oncology, Angel Roffo, and the hospital Rivadavia and Carlos Bonorino Udaondo or private clinics as the Italian Hospital, or Fundaleu (Foundation to fight Leukemia), are some of the health centres that are now incorporating these complementary therapies to improve ailments and relieve the hospitalization of their patients.

The incorporation of
certain practices grew
both the UBA
included in a chair

Medical Fundaleu, and the Clinical agreed in dialogue with Telam on the benefits that these practices can give to patients because they improve your immune system, release tension, strengthen the bone tissue and joints, in addition to connecting them with a positive thought that changes the vision of being “patient sick and shut in”.

“You can go out running and keep thinking that you are concerned; for this reason, we treat patients to rest the thought of interpretation and resolution. I want to fix things, to people, and I am in the present and if I can, I enjoy”, explained to Telam, the doctor hematologist of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Paul Mountford, who performs acupuncture digital to cancer patients and directs twelve years ago the service of integrative medicine in Fundaleu.

Alongside the traditional treatments, Fundaleu offers bodily disciplines for their patients such as music therapy, meditation, reflexology or chi-kung, a technique of traditional chinese medicine based on the mind-control, the breathing and physical exercise.

Mountford also explained that the patients focus their attention on the present, “released the imagination of the future and the past”, that is the trigger of the anxiety and focus in the form of “breathe, feel the support, or what causes them the music.”

“There are replacement therapies the traditional treatments, but also alternatives because they are supported by health professionals”, explained from the Hospital of Clinics, which depends on the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

The incorporation of these practices grew so much that the UBA added to its department of Internal Medicine, where they teach the benefits of reflexology, music therapy and painting therapy.

Are used as therapies
to treat the cancer
or fibromyalgia

For his part, the doctor a specialist in fibromyalgia and psychotherapist Clinics, María Cristina Lunic, said in dialogue with Telam, as it works the workshop of psychoeducation of health, which runs from 20 years ago and that includes the practice of tai chi chuan and chi-kung. Two times a week, a group of women meets in the Clinics to practice tai chi. Many claim that they feel the changes and that, in many cases, they left the pharmacological treatments because of their total improvement.



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