The enormity of the sea, the nature and the possibility of access to places of tranquility are an alternative for those who seek to quiet the mind and heal the body and the soul. Meditation with whales, a trend that is latent, was born in Puerto Madryn.

Patricia Chambón de Asencio found its place in the world. A field of lavenders in front of the sea in The Dorado, on the outskirts of Puerto Madryn. Is Medical Psychiatrist, with a strong training in holistic therapies which nurture their academic training. In your home – shelter, the Chacra La Calandria proposes a number of experiences that point to the reflection, the healing, the care of the mind and of the soul.


Patricia Chambón of Asencio

Meditation is one of those channels of vibration with the Universe that can be found near Patricia. And the idea of doing it between whales, calls attention to more than one. spoke with the Dr. Chambón. Let’s go step by step. What is a meditation?

Patricia Chambón: Meditate from my perspective, means to be PRESENT, to be able to quiet our mind. When this happens, it stops for a few moments, the mechanism of projection into the past or the future, that we usually accompanies…and of which we are not conccientes most of the times. When you quiet your own mind let go of worries, speculations, and assessments. They transcend the limits of the personal mind, that is commonly known as ego.

Then we “realize” that we are included in a Mind Greater, something Universal, that unites us and sustains all. This “awareness” is not an act of intellectual, it is an experience.

To meditate does not necessarily mean losing the individuality, on the contrary, it makes us more aware of ourselves.

To meditate, we remember that we are true individuals AWARE of the relationship that we have with our environment and with ourselves. To meditate we are aware of being part of the Whole and we have the experience to Be Everything.

P. N:why Patagonia makes the contact with the Nature? What does the Dorado?

P. CH: This practice can be done at any site, however when we have the possibility of being immersed in a natural environment, is greatly facilitated.

Our Patagonia offers us this precious treasure: infinite horizons, landscapes, beaten only by the animals of the steppe where the human footprint is not yet as evident. In this special environment, the presence of the immeasurable breathes, it feels, is palpable.

In the magnificent scenery that Mother Nature gives us, on the beaches of Dorado, as if outside little, it appear the whales!

P. N:What is transmitted to the whales in these initiatives?

P. CH: The presence of these peaceful beings and monumental is imposed by itself. The message is harmonious to convey is clear to each one of us.

Just be PRESENT to connect with them and access to a reality more extensive, where the experience of living makes us aware as a wonderful adventure, in which step-by-step decide (and create) what scenarios we want to travel to.

The human being today needs to re-connect with their Natural environment in a way that is authentic and consistent, to understand and to live fully his own ESSENCE. Meditate in the presence of whales is a way to do it.

The activity

This proposal will have three meetings: 25 August, 8 and 21 September. Those who participate will be in addition to a whale, embarked in Puerto Piramides, walk in Punta Shearwaters and a tour of the Farm The Lark to discover the wonders of the distillery of lavender.

Patricia Chambón of Asencio will be in charge of directing the meditations on the beach and the paths between lavenders.

A new option that marks the beginning of a journey tourist, recreational and healthy in the seas of Chubut.

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