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Meditation, what alternative to manage stress? - Tec Review 1iStock

By: Rodrigo Pérez Ortega

Today we live in a world full of responsibilities, deadlines, traffic, and other sources of stress that can negatively affect our productivity and health. It is important to find ways to relax and free a little of the tension that we have accumulated.

The meditation may be an option. A mental training aims to improve the capacity psychological of a individual, such as attention, emotion regulation, and self-knowledge.

Even when it has been practiced since antiquity as part of religious traditions –mainly in Asia, until a few decades ago began to be studied by science to determine the various neuronal processes, both psychological and physiological that gets to exercise in an individual.

One of the forms of meditation most common –and most studied– is that of mindfulness or mindfulness meditation, which focuses on care without bias and personal experiences of the present; emphasis on the ability to take them with openness and acceptance.

The first studies associated this practice with a representation that was more positive of oneself, as well as a better self-esteem and ability to regulate emotions. Similarly, increases alertness, attention and executive concentration: important for any type of work.

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Not only the benefits are obvious in the plane of the psychological, but also at the neuronal level. Various working groups have found that there are structural and functional changes in different areas of the brain involved in the perception of self, memory, and emotional regulation.

Other research have shown that people who meditate frequently have a activation low of the amygdala, which is involved in the response to fear and stress. Even, it has been used in the treatment of disorders of fear. Meditation also has the ability to modify the immune system and other vital functions of the human body.

The mechanisms by which this discipline will cause changes in the brain and the body have not yet been elucidated; however, its positive effects should not be overlooked. Without a doubt, it is good to change our emotions and our attention, as well as to find out more about us. Everything indicates that this practice –short term and long term– helps us to have a stable relationship between the mind and body.

To relax better

It is essential to choose a time and a space where there are no distractions. It is recommended to be in a comfortable position and follow the instructions of an expert, although today there are various guides on the internet.


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