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Pachuca, Hidalgo.- Aging should be with quality. Highlights alternative medicine and meditation.
Steve Chi Mikel, doctor, participated in the roundtable Discussion on the Rights of Older Adults. He then outlined the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine in this sector of the population.
Our protagonist indicates that must be wagered for a change, and gradually, with the support of all, changes will be made. Explains:
“Alternative medicine gradually integrates the catalogs of health services. Since 2007, with modification, in 2012, the Mexican Official Standard mentions what is acupuncture and related methods of therapeutic the same, that is to say, it’s official”.
In the case of older adults, makes a call to use it as a preventive measure, thereby preventing future disease.
“The human being by nature we always love the nuances and the different. In our country we face one of the biggest challenges is the overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic-degenerative diseases. We have to break through measures that are more”natural”.
A graduate of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, praised the activation of physical and dietary regimen to improve the quality of life not only of grandparents but of the whole population.
“Physical exercise not only activates the body skeletal muscle, but that takes emphasis on the different organs and systems”.
Stresses that the diet must be attached to uses and customs with whole respect to our cross-cultural.
In the case of the activation physics in grandparents, there are chinese techniques such as tai-chi, an excellent method to keep in good condition health the body.
With studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine in University of Jinan Chi Mikel, reveals that meditation, scientifically proven, active the large number of elements biochemical that occurs when you do the exercise.
It is of great benefit.
“There is no risk to the patients. It is not a religion, but a philosophy of our activity.”
It states:
“Meditation engages our way of life. Do it 20 minutes a day is an excellent therapeutic benefit for the prevention of diseases.
“Is to know how to breathe. It is equilibrium because in meditation you have to do proper breathing and brings oxygen to each and every one of our tissues.”
Share that within this technique there is what is called active display. “In 2007, a fisióloga north american called for a workshop to adults aged over 70 years with various chronic-degenerative diseases.
This was 25 days, and the workshop was in an environment of total change. All of this reminded the patients when they were between 25 and 30 years. “At the end, the results were surprising, because the indices of glucose, blood pressure, and other markers had decreased”.
With this purpose, shares which the changes of style of life, combining them with physical activity, diet balanced, the quality is improved.


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