Lynch, the dwarf and the transcendental meditation – Group Millennium –

Rafael Tonatiuh

“It is better not to know so much about the meaning of things,
because the meaning is something very personal”:

David Lynch

At the Festival de Cannes and premiered the third season of the television series Twin Peaks, David Lynch, a director that many people talk but which, in reality few know. Most movie buffs remember him for his unforgettable contribution to the cinematographic art: the dwarf dances, without that you come to the event, at the end of Twin Peaks.

In 1984, Lynch came to filming the Mexico scenes of his film Dune, in the desert of Coapiaxtla, Tlaxcala. Since then, he had heard stories of people who worked on the film, as Lynch had in his office three woodpeckers of wood sitting on a couch.

When the people at the Center of Invincibility Maharishi Mexico AC wanted to convince you to practicaras transcendental meditation, you said that there were three celebrities who practiced it: Paty Chapoy, José Gordon, and David Lynch (this last, in addition, it sponsors workshops transcendental meditation in public schools and universities from around the world, through the Foundation, David Lynch).

Being an artist is eccentric and enigmatic, the creator of a work which, in addition to transport us to worlds disturbing, reveals the sinister aspects of sex, it is unlikely that Lynch practice a technique subtle to find inner peace.

I am a meditator and sidja by the Centre of Invincibility Maharishi AC. My master of siddhis is the chilean Rafael de la Puente (friend of Maharishi and David Lynch), with whom I learned the advanced techniques in the Peace Palace built with the architectural style of hindu traditional Stapia Veda (to absorb energy), in the sierra of Chihuahua, in December 2008. During the internship, I remember a couple of questions I asked my teacher: “why don’t we stay in the level of happiness that we come to meditate, why we have to return to the conscious world?”. I answered: “Per game”. I also asked him: “How could David Lynch do that kind of movies, after receiving so much lighting?”. I answered: “I once asked that and I responded: very easy. I don’t get so involved”.

What attracted me most to the work of David Lynch (like that of all the surrealists) is his sense of humor, in a timing frozen, type Andy Kaufman, the brothers Kaurismäki and Jim Jarmusch (who inspired me for the sketch of blackmail in the TOILET in A Strange World, directed by Armando Casas, 2000).

Head of the eraser it seems to me one of the best comedies of all time. From the start, I cannot stop laughing. I love especially the dinner of Harry with the family of his girlfriend. Twin Peaks has pictures very funny with the agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachan), who question bullshit about the aroma of the trees when it comes to the town where you have to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer, or the scene with a gigantic and inexplicable head of elk in an office where you perform queries, while eating donuts flavors. One question: “does transcendental Meditation? What is not a matter of people dressed in white who eats vegetables and everything seems ok? What has that to do this people with David Lynch? What the meditation does not lose sense of humor? Do not lose erections? Do not be like the alcoholics anonymous to waive your freedom of putting farts, assholes?”.

I remember an interview some thirty years ago) they did to John Cleese (comedian, Monty Python): “Now that takes psychoanalysis, do not afraid of losing your sense of humor?”. Response: “oh, To hell with my sense of humor! “What I want is to feel good!”.

Other case puzzling is the comedian Andy Kaufman, who also practiced the transcendental meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Kaufman did skits performance with a dose of aggressiveness that mixed the reality with the fiction. One would never guess to Kaufman in the position of lotus flower.

A prejudice widespread is that all the geniuses are stuck in vices and outside the spiritual care, without putting themselves to think that spirituality is what gives meaning to the art, which can be very bastard, but that is ultimately an expression of civilized and aesthetic instinct, noticeable in any room in the world.

You can put a distance between the artist and his work. To make a film about a rapist and not a rapist. “I’m not involved”, says mr Lynch.

What is certain is that the method of meditation of Maharishi takes you to a very deep level and leads to an ocean of pure consciousness, that you come back happy as if you had eaten a blemish.

You can be a meditator and enjoy both the art of David Lynch as a film palomera or a porn. The important thing is to perceive life in a harmonious way with the world. A good guide are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, but any spiritual book is good. As the discs of jazz and classical music, there is no failure.


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