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Álvarez commented that in the TWENTY-first century will require skills that previously was not working and that no one we formed for them. “We were taught many things that today we do not serve, many things of math and history that today we do not serve, one can say it is general culture, but today we need other skills, such as emotional intelligence, neuro linguistic programming, or interpersonal communication,” she said.

When asked about the challenge facing the leaders of the century, he pointed out that the main thing today is to open the head, have to work to several generations living together within a company implies that the leader can know how each one is to his way, “that every one is valuable with what he brings, with what it contributes, and to open the head for me to realize that no longer are human resources, but human beings”.

On the other hand, Álvarez emphasized the need to be more creative, from choose another path to go to work to find different ways of working. “We can share breakfast, lunch, do trainings, to create moments and creative spaces to allow co-workers think, that is not a routine because that is what we cut off his head”, he added.

The expert also noted that today the preparation is within the reach of everyone that it is necessary to take advantage of the technology to access the training, cited the access to free books, YouTube videos or online chats that you can use and share.

“Today we have to change the chip, each one in his place of work today is a leader, we must begin to think differently, how to prepare ourselves in the life and change in my family, at my place of work, in all areas,” he concluded.

TECHNIQUE. The exhibitor took a tour of the interior on the skills of the human being, which does not come from experience or knowledge, but are magnified from the person to discover.

Examples and exercises allowed for an interaction with the participants, and left open the head with the aim of inviting them to keep moving forward in your personal and organizational growth as executives.

Some central points that were touched are the skills that are not available in the empirical nor in academics.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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