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Broadly speaking we all have a notion of those “things” that make us feel less free, such as competition, jealousy, envy, resentment. And this is not to evade these emotions, as they are also part of the human experience, but rather just let them be, and leave.

And as well as intuitively, and because we feel the harm, we know the above, there are more complex aspects that make them aware you will be more prone to letting go of them to improve your life, in daily life, but also long-term.

Be perfect

There are canons of beauty and personality about the “best” people. However, you are you, and it is important that you accept yourself and work on what you want to change, but only after a sincere introspection on your own canons, not the dictates of the society; what you, and only you, think is to be better. And even with this in mind, you must understand that your goals are just friends, and that although perhaps you get them, you will not be perfect, even under your own rules.

Produce all the time

The world in which we live, that dictates to us that “time is gold”, we have been stripped of the simplicity of the entertainment. Learn to “do nothing”, it is simply imperative to get rid of the anxiety that makes us think that we always have to be doing something productive, palpable. Contemplation, for example, is a task that is learned, and can be much more productive of what is assumed socially.

Believe that happiness is perennial

In life, there are all sorts of times, most cultures have assumed that obstacles are part of life, and its intrinsic beauty, in spite of them. In this complexity, and acceptance, is where lies the serenity, which, to many scholars, is the closest thing to happiness.

Be “someone” in life

You are already someone, and be “someone” in life, doesn’t necessarily mean you excel. It’s not that you’re stuck in a rut, but nice to meet you and get your own goals in relation to your own personality and expectations sincere about what you want (avoiding that this is only excel, because it is only an illusion of the ego).


As never before in history, in large part due to the influence of social networks, we learn of the lives of others, people who don’t even appear in our everyday lives beyond the virtual world. We learn, almost in real time, of their trips, weddings, family, graduations, life-style (and others of our own), and therefore, lends itself, almost inevitably, to which we compare our life. Each person has its own rhythm, values, aspirations, think about your decisions (or in your life), bearing in mind the time that are other, is simply absurd and depressing.


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