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Learn Something: How You Make Money Reviewing Gear On YouTube

Guitar instructor Phillip McKnight offered an interesting video, explaining how to make money from gear-related videos on YouTube.

As a general rule, the musician stressed that content quality is the key factor, along with creating videos people watch until the end.

«YouTube values that, because YouTube wants to be TV now,» he said. «They don’t want to be smash and grab where you get a million views and you’re forgotten.»

You can check out the ways to monetize gear-related YT content below, watch the video for the whole thing.

1) AdSense

«The way I get paid is the way most people get paid on YouTube – I have an AdSense account, which is Google, and Google pays me 55% of the dollars they collect from advertisers that put banners in the front and sometimes in the middle of the videos that I make.»

Focusing on what the exact figure is, Philip noted: «We’ll start with the easy number and then it’ll get complicated. 10,000 views gets you $10, 100,000 views gets you $100 and 1,000,000 views gets you $1,000.

«But is that an actual number that makes 100% sense? Well, no, because advertisers don’t pay the same rates throughout the year. For example, November and December are higher-paid months, so those same 1,000,000 views can net you $3,000. And now you’re probably remembering a lot of YouTubers putting out a lot of videos in those months.»

2) Selling stuff

«I sell t-shirts, t-shirts are how I support myself on the channel, so I really appreciate when you buy them.»

3) Patreon

«Patreon is important when you’re new on YouTube – because even if the views aren’t there, the growth is coming, so it’s important you put as much effort and time as possible, yet it’s hard to substantiate when there’s no income coming yet. Patreon is a way for the viewers to donate to the channel to help the content get created even before the revenue’s there to justify it.»

4) Get paid to do reviews

«Companies will pay you to review products, anywhere between $50 and $1,000. It’s a big no-no to talk about this, but it’s out there. They also give you free gear. I personally haven’t taken any money and I don’t plan to.»

5) Partnership agreements/affiliate programs

«Partnership agreements are with companies like Amazon and Reverb and Musician’s Friend. What happens is you can say, ‘Oh look, click the link down below and it will take you to the product if you wish to buy it.’ And then there’s usually some kind of commission or fee given to the person for doing the referral.»

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F-z6vOfsqc?rel=0]


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