Learn how to meditate while you walk and slimming your emotions … – The Carabobeño

Learn how to meditate while you walk and slimming your emotions ... - The Carabobeño 1

As you walk you are able to take consciousness of your being. Focus on the breath and you will see how you it is easier not to see beyond the here and the now

When you walk it all flows. Allows you to meditate. Not only you manage to lose those extra pounds; sometimes, until you get to ease many of these worries everyday that make us captive to stress.

Now, in order to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and facilitate a genuine emotional catharsis with this type of physical exercise, we recommend learning to meditate while you walk.

This is what is known as “breathwalk” (breathing while walking). It is a practice which combines the breath-synchronized, and the moderate physical exercise with mindfulness.

For many it is a type of Mindfulness that can be applied to the day-to-day while we exercise our body and relax our mind by way of deep meditation.

It is possible that, in the beginning, and with these few strokes, you can seem a little confusing.

But, you can be sure that the benefits are incredible and are many athletes who already apply it in your daily routine of work.

Train your mind while you walk

Learn how to meditate while you walk and slimming your emotions ... - The Carabobeño 2

There are those who are initiated in the practice of meditation without results. Mindfulness, as we already know, is much more than a mode of relaxation.

Invites us to practice mindfulness, where you relax the mind, there where to learn to be more present to be receptive to this complex environment while we re-affirm our essences.

Despite the fact that your goal is very satisfying and promotes an authentic personal growth, not everyone gets to be able to apply it to your life.

Meditate while you walk, an ancestral practice

Learn how to meditate while you walk and slimming your emotions ... - The Carabobeño 3

For this modern world, nervous, and plaintiff, to meditate in the traditional way is almost impossible. How to sit if there are so many things to do?

Without a doubt, a asked questions many people. However, there are times that we are aware of two things:

We need to manage the stress.
On the other hand, we also know that it is necessary to do some type of exercise. The sedentary lifestyle we removed the health!
So, why not combine both things? These two issues give us an idea of why it has gained its remarkable success the Breathwalk.

Walking while thinking is rooted in the practice of zen buddhism kinhin.
In Japan, for example, it is common to see groups of people walking while others will guide you through a stroke of the bell which mark the time.
This practice focuses, primarily, on the breath synchronized and in those strides on a regular basis, you learn to live the present moment, while we concentrate on the workout itself.
As we explain ancient writings, the Buddha himself was, as usual walking through the forest in a relaxed manner.

What he did, in the first place, was to sit for a few minutes and meditate. Then began the march. As he himself explained, what is grown sitting is applied on the fly.
The simple fact of walking, of putting your feet on the floor, feel them clinging to the earth while our mind is directed without thinking, invites us already to meditate almost automatically.
Now, to do this authentically it is necessary that we learn to breathe.
A very simple practice that it is worth applying in the day-to-day

While it is true that this type of approaches are based on a spiritual component, we cannot ignore that, whether we are practitioners of these beliefs as if you do not, the fact is that are beneficial for calming the mind.

Today the Mindfulness, for example, is integrated into many psychological techniques that have the purpose of securing that the person to be more aware of your emotional world to manage it.
On the other hand, if we want to enjoy a good exercise at the same time that we learn to manage a little better the stress, there is nothing better than applying these simple techniques of meditation “breathwalk”.

We will explain to you their keys:

Learn how to meditate while you walk and slimming your emotions ... - The Carabobeño 4

*We will be comfortable clothing and closed shoes, which protect us well the feet.

*Before starting our walk, we’ll sit 5 minutes. Place the hands on the chest and respiraremos deep.
Feel how the chest expands. Contendremos the air 10 seconds, and after, exhalaremos in depth.
*We will repeat this exercise several times. Right away, we will already be ready to start walking.
*Begins the march little by little. You must feel how your feet touch the ground, become aware of your legs and of that heart which begins to beat as orchestrated by an internal music that gives you calm.

*It is important that you will feel your breathing, which is a sound, liberating, and cathartic: takes a breath, feels the pressure on the abdomen and let it go in depth.

*Rests every 10 minutes and start moving again.

*Join with your body for your mind to be aware of the here and now: it is the only thing that matters, is where is the real calm. (Source: mejorconsalud.com)


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