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By Monika Correia Nobre*

One of the points of view more common with respect to the failure of the plans to stop smoking have a relationship with anxiety. It may be that the person is anxious by nature, but also the withdrawal of some substances leaves more evidence of the nervousness, the anxiety and the irritability, the product of the requirement which appears to want to give up the tobacco.

There are many factors that sustain the habit of smoking. The own personality and the management of anxiety in one of the most influential. In each person together different subpersonalidades and among all of them is“anxious”.

In every moment of the day, and while idly do your everyday tasks, thomas an incredible amount of decisions. With some you demorás more, others immediately, and oddly enough there is a small part that can occupy a huge space in your life: the involuntary product of the addiction. These actions are unconscious do not allow you to successfully reach your goal of stop smoking.

But, what happens when someone stops smoking? You can be happy because it smells better, is more healthy, not feel tired and breathe better, no longer coughing and perceives many changes in the physical and spectacular benefits. But what is especially outstanding in this personal struggle against addiction is to overcome it recovers an amount of power that was in the hands of the cigarette. By letting the person feel powerful It has made!.

To achieve this it is necessary to build a structure that will help you in the process. Find out how to decrease the amount of anxiety is of great help when quitting smoking. And in that sense the meditation it provides a lot of fantastic tools for the management of the same, the control of stress and the direction of the will.

Meditation is the training of the mind. That’s why for this particular issue, the first thing to do is to bring to awareness the internal reasons that seemingly justify the habit of smoking.

To bring the awareness that information, a good exercise during is during a full day to make a list of the reasons why you light up each cigarette smoked. You may want to try to make this list, scoring each of the reasons and analizalas the next day.

If controlás anxiety and recuperás your willpower, quitting smoking is possible.

You’ll see that you’ve given, whistle to whistle, a very important part of your personal power to the cigarette , and in front of it these decreased. You controls. Retrieve it is fundamental to put him in his place: as far as possible. Fail in your idea to stop this habit shows that you don’t it will direct the self-will in the desired direction. I’ll have to work the will. Learn how to focus.

With meditation you can achieve both things: to train the consciousness in the management of stress and anxiety, focusing attention and directing the mind towards the goal.

Tools to quit smoking

Try to not having cigarettes to hand. Since smoking is one of the automatic activities that are performed in moments of stress or anxiety oral, you can see yourself looking for cigarettes there, where they were usually. Sacalos of environments where circulás.

Visualizate as a free being. Use the techniques of visualization to create a new vision of yourself free of addictions and full use of your conscious will.

Learn to breathe as a method to reduce the tension. Three inhalations and exhalations are made with attention fully placed on the act of breathing, will change the mental and emotional state. Try and you will see.

Explorá your interior. Do not give anything for granted and allow yourself to change. Focusing on the own internal space you are able to find meaning and fulfillment, start to meditate and lográ this and much more.

The exercise is good for health and to control the anxiety.

Use only goals in the present tense. Abandoná the “for ever”, only you have the now and your decision counts right now. Think strongly: “This time I live without smoking! And mantenelo throughout the day.

Premiate. Regalate small incentives to your inner child is happy. Remember that smoking does not cease to be an issue linked with the stage of oral childhood. A candy or a fruit usually achieve.

Movete if you are eager. There is extra energy in the body, not the acumulés. I allowed that energy to flow bringing more health. I went out for a walk or do sport if you’re anxious or irritable.

Draw, make doodles. Stay entertained while you’re talking on the phone making pictures, remember to have paper and pencil handy for those moments.

Pintá mandalas. Enters into states of deep relaxation without the need of anything more, simply with this activity.

Make something while esperás. Llevá a book to read or games to do while esperás. Or records that happens to you, write what you feel at that moment.

I felt your personal power. Registrá from when you’re transcending this issue and write positive affirmations in different places of the house that you remember as well you are going to.

(*) Instructor of Meditation and Astrologer, founder and Director Astroflor.


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