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According to scientific research, 95% of these decisions are unconscious, and 75% of the sales depends exclusively on emotional aspects.

The experts say that it is not enough to know the profile of the target group to which you want to reach, now it is essential to identify their habits and experiences. The task is not easy and involves a greater effort of the vendor and of the managers of marketing, to achieve a connection and engage customers.

The goal now is to advise and accompany to transform that relationship sporadic which represents a purchase-sale, in an emotional bond tight and sustainable. To address the issue, Cash invited experts on the topic of Neuroventas and Digital Marketing on August 22.

Among his many concepts, the neuroventas is defined as an advanced form of selling, in line with the paradigms of the business sciences, which began to emerge in the so-called “decade of the brain”, characterized by the application of the neuroscience, cognitive, affective, and social to the main areas of the organizational management.

Is based on the method of sale neurorrelacional, which has its foundations in a set of disciplines, including neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, the neurocomunicación, neuromarketing, neuropsychology and modern neuroeconomics.

Sell without selling

According to a research GrowUp Agency, specialists in neuroventas, when the brain perceives the intended sale closes, it “scares” and disconnects from the seller, and the process immediately.

Therefore, you should do the opposite. For the experts it is to “sell without selling”, a concept which is based on neuroscience, research on how the brain works in people to buy.

To achieve this you must give a few reasons and many of them, but more emotions and not just through the words.

It should be recalled that, according to one of the principles of Neurolinguistic Programming, 55% of the impact of the message depends on the non-verbal language —gestures, posture, and movements—; 25% of the verbal language and the rest of the intonation of the message.

So more important than what we say, how we say it. But it is important to go beyond the why of the few reasons and many other emotions.

The research of GreowUp Agency, human beings have a triune brain in order of appearance in evolutionary history.

  • The reptilian: does not think and does not feel; only acts. His motto is to reduce fears, to save energy and increase comfort.
  • The limbic: emotional memory and intuition.
  • The neocortex: the rational, the analytical and the logical.

If the goal is to sell without selling, according to the conclusion it must learn to excite the limbic brain, provide some rational argument to the neocortex for you to feel that, even just a little bit involved. However, even if it is small the participation of the neocortex in the process of purchase, is key in issues of empowerment and motivation.

In a way, is the one that allows you the self-confidence, awareness, manage emotions and develop the cognitive skills: memorization, concentration, self-reflection, resolution of problems, etc.

Digital marketing

This new concept is the protagonist of a world based on the measurements and the segmentation of the public, in which everything is analyzed thoroughly and precisely with the purpose to reach more audiences and captivate potential customers.

A study of digital performance produced by Prodigious Latin America, among a selection of more than 300 companies, we gave a weight of 80% to internet site and up to 20% of the work in the networks. The world of advertising is a huge market in 2016, moved about US$542.550 million worldwide. A staggering and still growing.

In Latin america, in 2016, spent approximately US$34.020 million on advertising;$42.540 million in 2020. With certainty the area of marketing that is growing, is the digital, which in 2017 will outpace the investment in television.

In EE. UU., for example, it is estimated that they will invest in digital marketing US$77.370 million, compared to US$72.000 billion of the television. Experts on the subject indicate that the sales in digital media will have an increase of 15% and will reach US$170.000 million this year on a global scale.

Néstor Braidot

Specialist in neuroscience, author of over 30 books, the director of the Institute Braidot of Training, which has its own training center in the brain, Braidot Brain Gym.

– Does the neuroventa how to improve the sales of a company?

The methodology of neuroventas has scope beyond the commercial action with an external client, with a potential buyer. Expands your application possibilities, also in the domestic sphere by giving tools and skills to individuals or teams from the same organization to have better interaction.

– Why the approach should be multidisciplinary?

The focus of neuroventas incorporates in its methodology contributions of different disciplines, such as neuroscience, psychology and neuropsychology, neuromarketing and the development of communication of the seller.

– Why are appeals to emotions?

Emotions contribute in a substantial way to form the memories of the people and when we do a stimulus to communication or sales to a people we are activating memories. In short, the emotion affects the decision of the people.

Sandra Quintero

Expert in digital marketing and data analysis, the first manager of Facebook Colombia, in charge of opening the operation (2014-2016). For Quintero the companies that manage to grow and develop in a successful way are those that implement a digital ecosystem designed 100% in your client and innovate around this concept.

– How do you define the marketing strategies in digital media?

When we talk about selling in digital media, we immediately thought of e-commerce. The majority of businesses do not have or use a platform of electronic commerce because your product/service has a sales process different.

However, this type of companies can have a marketing strategy in digital where they will attract, prospect, zoom in, generate interest, create desire and the final closing to be performed outside.

– Why is it important to the analysis of data?

The analysis of data it is important to be successful in strategies, to be able to make constant adjustments and to learn in the process of achieving the results.


programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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