The breathing helps to relieve stress: Laila Kuri – Televisa News

In an interview with Andrea Montalvo on FOROtv, Laila Kuri, teacher of meditation and yoga, explained that it is very important to the breathing to keep calm after a moment, you or anxiety, following the recent earthquakes.

“The most important thing is always to remember that our best ally in this kind of circumstances, extreme limits, it is our breath, then lengthen the breath on the exhale is what relaxes the central nervous system,” said Laila Kuri Murad, teacher of meditation and yoga.

He said that if the person is under a lot of stress, it is important to take a few minutes, sit down and inhale four times and exhale on six or eight times and repeat the sequence five to ten times.

Since the technique immediately lowers the cortisol that is generated with all the anxiety and stress. Another of the things that can be done is to visualize from the base of the navel to the center of the earth.

“You can sit a few minutes in a chair, you don’t need to sit on the floor, where you feel comfortable, where your back this the most elongated possible, where you can further open your chest and be able to view from your pelvic floor up to the ground and then make a breath, trying to go up to the top of the crown of your head, and always viewing the earth, because with all these movements it is important to be connected with the element of earth,” said Laila Kuri Murad, teacher of meditation and yoga.

He indicated that it is not necessary to tell, only be viewed with the depth of breathing.

Laila Kuri reiterated the importance of breathing as it allows you to keep calm and relieve stress.



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