Meditation reduces stress and increases well – being- The Spokesman of Puerto Rico (Registration)

Soldiers and athletes have something in common: with just 12 minutes of meditation a day, handle stress better, pay more attention, have more resilience, and a feeling of increased well-being.

These are the results of studies conducted by the University of Miami with Marines, Army soldiers and football players collegiate Division 1. Based on them, the armed forces expanded their programs of meditation.

People who meditate reduce their blood pressure, heart rate, and reduce levels of hormones related to stress, which can cause health problems. Also, reduce your response to pain.

Not all of us have the stress level of a soldier or collegiate athlete in the division more competitive, but we can all get the same benefits with meditation. According to José Luis Díaz de Villegas, life coach and ordained monk in the zen buddhism, “in recent years science has investigated intensively the practices of meditation and its effects on the body and the mind. The results indicate that, like the exercise, it is the most simple, powerful and to the hand to improve our health, lower stress levels and increase well-being.”

Another benefit is the ability that one develops to be more relaxed with the ups and downs of life, and to appreciate and live each moment in a deeper way.

Diaz de Villegas is offering a course of eight weeks, the Meditation For The well-being, where you learn how to use these techniques, proven by science, in your daily life. You will learn to improve interpersonal relationships, to practice listening and better support. It is a workshop of participation which offer learning practices that take place in your home on a daily basis and you will always.

The course will begin to teach the 17 of August at 7:00 pm for the space of eight weeks. For more information you can call the 939-642-8466.


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