“The meditation helped me to overcome the loss of my husband.” – Clarín.com

we Had chosen those holidays with so much love and care. In addition, it was the perfect excuse to meet up again with my mother, my sister and her husband, who lived in Madrid, to together enjoy in family a few days of summer. Everything was perfect. We decided to go to the Swiss Alps, to trekking, to play, eat, love, laugh and celebrate life, because that’s what we felt. After the trip, we would go together to The Black Forest of Germany to a meditation course and my family would return to the city of my birth. Ludovico, Italian, athlete, champion of athletics and horse riding, it was my great companion in life.Already in Germany, we stayed the night before the course at the home of some friends celebrating a reunion in a shadowy courtyard a German. It was a starry night and Ludwig talked to us about stars and galaxies. I tried to take it early to bed, as we should from to the morning, but he said “let’s stay a little more, you are so beautiful”. To force you to go to bed and before the rising of the sun, during the cold early morning, I heard a cry dry, it was he that was calling me begging me to take him back to Switzerland. “I feel very bad”, he groaned. We start immediately.We had rented a small car and he lay down in the back seat while I driving more than 150 miles per hour, called all the clinics asking for help. Looking through the rear view mirror he said “I respirá Ludovico! I meditá as you can!”. He had a weak smile. I would have never imagined that a autito guy ran both and thanks to that I was on a German autobahn without speed limit, put your foot on the accelerator to the maximum. I was racing against time, not against the wind.That same night, in the place where days ago we had been so happy, we made our way to the clinic Cecil, Lausanne. The doctor told me that my husband was irreversible. Symptoms vitals began to fail and hours later, without disturbing anyone, without any major alarms, Ludovico died.That night his soul left the body. That beautiful body, once so vital and athletic, now lay inert and lifeless, rigid and cold. I looked at him behind the tears, asking in silence why did you leave without telling me that you no longer come back?, but at the moment applying my new understanding of the things I saw that only a part of him was dead. Since a few years ago, I feel so clear that this is not the end here but continues. Before, I thought that the day of death was the end total.Overcoming the deathAlone. Completely desolate in a foreign country, had just lost my life partner and no one I could hold your hand or lend me a shoulder. Sitting next to her, I wrote to my friends in Argentina and my family in Madrid about how beauty exists even in the moment of death. I was able to see that death is serene, life is extinguished like a tea light and that there was beauty in her lifeless body and in the environment there was so much peace of mind. I felt how much respect they showed all that to him with so much affection and so much love, despite being dead. The nurse, even though I had already died, he said gently: “Lord, I’m going to give back.” How much respect! What an expression of love!I tried to describe to my family the exact moment of the bounce. It was the person I loved most in life, and I saw that final moment after which their breathing was slowing down slowly as the music of a concert life. That halo of life, both for 15 years we used to find our own balance. With a serenity that not even myself could believe it, I did everything corresponded: with balance and peace of mind I had to sign papers, pick out the coffin and only me so much it brought tears of loneliness mixed with the gratitude for everything beautiful that we had shared for so many beautiful years.When we were alone, I started to take laps around the room not knowing what to do, folding your clothes, storing your toothbrush, as if it were to re-use. Finally I stood to his side and asked forgiveness for the possible troubles that we had caused. Later I begged the nurses not to enter, and forsake me alone with him. I sat down on his bed, I took his cold hand and started to meditate. It was like a balm. My mind began to calm down and I drove as in a dream for the things most beautiful that we had lived and shared. Until I could see beautiful colors, lights, they filled me with peace and gratitude.After meditating at his side, allowed with an incredible serenity that everything happened as it had to occur from the side medical and legal, as if it were a movie. The next day, with my family and some friends that had come from Spain, Italy and several places more, we sing some songs of love as if there were no match. He touched the guitar the argentine musician, his dear friend Ignacio Escribano. In Switzerland, which is not sung even in the holidays, thought “these are crazy”, but I was sure that he still felt, and would have enjoyed it with a big smile.That day after the death was calm as a day without wind in summer. Legally I demanded to see as the coffin was entering the electric furnace. I raised my hand and I said goodbye, seeing that tremendous gate opening up to the flames that would be the body of a great love story. At the same time that my legs were shaking, I felt tremendous gratitude to have had an intriguing man by my side. What said goodbye as if it were a walk. And in truth these years that has not been with me, I’ve felt that she has not died, in Rome in the house of his sister (where he was going often), and that at any moment is to come back to. There is No tear or despair, and this is what I assign to the meditation. We share a sense of acceptance of the present moment and of much quiet, that who I had seen at that time, I might have mistakenly thought that I had not felt anything for my husband. While it was quite the opposite. Oh we were so united, so in love!!Meditation is not sold in the pharmacy, not the doctors prescribe, however is learned, and grown, and reap benefits that are available to all and are useful in many cases to go through a grief like to have the serenity to face the rifts daily you impose the life."La meditación me ayudó a superar la pérdida de mi marido"“Breathing me catapult to a state of deep meditation and allows me to navigate in the silence of my being”. MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN MEDITATION MUSIC

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