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Nine o’clock on Saturday morning only means one thing to the cast and crew of the musical: set construction, a time for members of the musical to bring their friends and family to the auditorium to work on the elaborate set of The Addams Family.

Parents and children hammered away at building the large set pieces and background. Friends grouped together to create and paint various props involved in the show. Music played along as cast members bonded with each other and sang along to their favorite songs

Most of all, they were, of course, well fed. Dozens of doughnuts and bagels were sprawled out along a table in the auditorium. Everyone slowly made their way over to the table and cheerfully ate away at the mini-feast.

Once lunch came around, everyone chowed away at the pizza and cookies while they talked about their week and laughed at each other’s stories. Although most workers rushed to eat lunch, some couldn’t help but hammer in one last nail or paint one last stroke before joining everyone else. Soon, set construction was over, and then came another week of rehearsals.

As was tradition, the normal after-school rehearsals turned into a double rehearsal each night, with the first one lasting from around 3 to 5 after school and the other starting around 6:30 and ending anywhere between 9 and 10. This was when the cast kicked it into high gear and molded everything they have been rehearsing for the past two months and forming it into one cohesive show.

Starting last Wednesday, the cast started these late-night rehearsals, and this week was the first week that they were supposed to have it each night. On Monday after school, all the female ensemble members met in the auditorium to choreograph one of the last dances left to put together, “The Moon and Me.” Later that night, a small group of ensemble members and the principal cast members who played Gomez and Morticia took the stage to finalize the choreography for the tango performance within the show. As they left cheering about the finalization of the choreography, snow fluttered down, showing the first signs of the snowstorm on its way.

With the coming snowstorm and the cancellation of school, rehearsal was cancelled for two days in a row. The break gave the cast some time to rest up and relax before tech week began. Some cast members took the opportunity to catch up on sleep, others took the time to memorize their lines and songs, and some even had a little fun in the snow.

Although they had a relaxing two days off, the cast didn’t hesitate to jump back into rehearsals. On Thursday, they started back up with a dance rehearsal to wrap up choreography before running the show. On Friday, they will go through the show for the first time with lights and sound. From there, it’s only a matter of time before the cast gets their costumes, the set becomes complete, and the show evolves into the smooth-running, humorous show that the audience will see on March 31st through April 2nd.

If you’re interested in seeing it all come together, tickets can be purchased at 973-697-3535 X 5860 or at jwynne@jefftwp.org. They cost $10 in advance and $12 at the door for adults and $7 in advance and $10 at the door for students, children, and seniors. The production will go on at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evening and 2 p..m on Sunday afternoon.

Join in on this town event and enjoy the deadly humor of The Addams Family.


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