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Human beings are body and mind and to succeed in life you have to work the two aspects with the same zeal. In the case of a sports team, there is a technical body that is in charge of both functions: work with the physical aspect and the mental strength is essential. Therefore, the importance of the figure of Jeremiah Alvarez, coach motivacional, which carries in its veins the blood vinotinto, as it works for the u-17, u-20 and the absolute.

Alvarez was part of the working group that accompanied Rafael Dudamel and the 21 players that made history in the World of Korea, to play at all times, your professionalism designed to engage the whole group toward the same goal: the success.

For the coach motivational the achievement of this Vintotino built from a lot before moving to the max tournament of the category._“Our work with these boys was from the first module that was launched two years ago in San Felipe, where our message was always clear: we are going to classify to the World cup in Korea, and we did. That is to say, all these things that happened is the product of a crop that is watered for quite some time.”

Day-to-day. Alvarez I always instilled in the chamos to live the day-to-day to overcome all the challenges: “we Work hard to live the present. Isolate ourselves from the past and the future and focus always in living in the present. The only way that you will give in the present is that you do not think in anything more than the time in which you are living. If you put to much thought into what that you can pass or stop the pass, then you desconcentras of what you have to do today to be able to achieve otherwise.”.

He also stated that part of the key of this historic achievement is due to the large union that existed always in the group:_“We are able to achieve a level of family and brotherhood so great that we made ourselves vulnerable among us to be able to be invulnerable to the opponents. We never come to feel alone because you create a single union vinotinto and united were able to handle any adversity and obstacle that came in the way.”

The end. Alvarez expressed how it was the activity that had the boys prior to the final of the fifa u-20 against England.

“We did an activity that I like to do in the most important moments. Treatment that every one recognizes how valuable it is to your brother within the selection. Each one stood and gave him a diploma symbolic to each player randomly. Then, for example, I gave a diploma of Ronald Hernandez, and said ‘I feel this brother deserves to be world champion because he is an excellent worker, good companion, etc’. They spoke of all the virtues has the companion of a genuine way. We open our heart between us and out we felt we were indestructible”.

The coach had to deal very directly the sadness that was generated after losing the final. The boys wrecked listened attentive to the words of Alvarez:_“When I saw evil after the defeat, I repeated to them the same thing I had said during the tournament: ‘there is a phrase in enrolled in a hallway of the Roland Garros that says that you should treat both triumph and failure as if it was the same imposter’. No matter win or lose, never change your essence as a human being, is simply the result of a game that gave. Not for that we have to stop dreaming”.

The “haka”. Was made public a harangue of the Vinotinto sub-20 before you play a game, something similar to a “haka”, a choreography and songs that tend to make players in new zealand rugby.

“There used to be a practice of neuro-linguistic programming which is an anchor to certainty, where the aim is to create an external stimulus to recall an emotional condition internal. We did it anchorage like as if it was a haka, but it really has nothing to do with it. In this activity, let them design one in which you feel identified and is the one that is showed to all the championship.”

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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