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New Delhi:  After months of anticipation and preparation, JEE Main 2017 exam is finally here. Lakhs of student tomorrow would sit for an exam which would determine the course of their next four years and the career they would get into. JEE Main is one of the most important entrance exams held in India for 10+2 students who wish to become engineers. JEE Main is also important as it is the first step toward getting admission into one of the IITs.

While studying just a day before the exam will not take you anywhere, there are certain things which you must and must not do which are sure to affect your performance in the exam. The day before the exam is the time to relax and prepare your brain for the combat due to happen the next day. Here we have curated some do’s and don’ts which you can follow to stay calm and relaxed the day before the exam.

Revise only the formulae and do not spend time trying to cram up the whole syllabus one last time. Stick only to the basics.

Eat fresh and home-cooked food. Do not indulge yourself with heavy and carb-rich diet. You need to be light and clear the next day.

If you have not visited your exam centre already then now is the time to do it. You must time your journey so you have an idea at what time you need to leave the next to be on time for the exam.

Don’t spend time playing video games. It won’t help you. Instead you can listen to soft, soothing music or read some of your favorite short stories.

Stay away from people who are busy in last minute studying.

Sleep early. If you don’t fall asleep immediately, then it’s Ok, but do not stay awake and watch TV. It is important to have a good night’s sleep before the exam for concentration. 

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