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It happened this Friday, the 22nd of September, during the program ‘First time’, which appeared together with the journalist Silvia Corzo, the former mayor of Bogotá and exminsitro of labour, Luis Eduardo Garzón, the neurologist Leonardo Palacios, the host, argentine Adrián Magnoli and the journalist Margarita Ortega.

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The expert in neuro-linguistic programming therapist and Andrea Garcia attended as a special guest to talk about the significance of dreams, and asked who had a dream interesting that I could share to do the exercise of interpretation.

Lalinde explained that he had dreamed several times with a friend who passed away. In the dream, the woman appears far away and making a gesture of greeting with the hand.

Lalinde was writing down on a piece of paper some details that I remembered the dream and related it to words, to what expert Andrea Garcia said:

“Through that dream, you are saying that the ties have always been united. It is not necessary to be physically, always love, there is a connection absolutely unconditional. That person that you dream is an angel in your life. You manifest because you feel it in many things and your soul and your unconscious is like a greeting”.

The presenter could not hold back the tears, to understand what your friend was trying to tell.

By his side, Garzón commented that commonly have nightmares, probably for his work in politics. The expert explained that as it cleans the body or hair, it is necessary to clean your own energy. “Your unconscious mind and your soul you are notifying that you clean and you heal that energy… You say you close that cycle and that I send love and light. You are here”, says the expert.

See the emotional moment in this link.

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