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“I come to sow some seeds and to refresh knowledge and wisdom to all human beings, we realize that we came here to co-create a masterpiece, has not survive,” said Ismael Cala yesterday in a press conference held at the Gran Hotel Cochabamba, to the purpose of the conference to “wake up with Cala,” which takes place today at the Coliseum German Santa María, starting at 18:30.

“More than a conference it is an experience,” said the leading communicator on his world tour “wake up with Cala”, which is designed to help people to achieve excellence, raise awareness, high performance, personal and professional.

“We’ve created a powerful guide to personal and professional growth, using the most recent research in neuroscience, non-violent communication, neuro linguistic programming, positive psychology and emotional intelligence,” said international speaker and author of several best-sellers.

Said that only from love and from an awakened consciousness we will be able to create a better world for our children and our own existence.

It is important to have an “awakening of consciousness that will make us be better. When you’re in your consciousness, you can only generate love in your heart and in your soul and it is what one has to start to work,” he said.

“We came here to be extraordinary in our mission and to be extraordinary is not just to be CEO (general manager) of a company, be a great entrepreneur or a large bank account; but to be extraordinary is put to the service of others”, he noted.

In addition, we clarified that “personal growth is not accidental; it is for planning and strategy”.

He explained that all the problems of the world have three root causes, which are: the selfishness, greed, and apathy.

Cala has toured more than 25 countries and has impacted hundreds of thousands of people with their messages. He worked with great teachers such as Deepak Chopra and John Maxwell. He is president of Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Foundation’s Ismael Cala.

Continuing with your tour in Bolivia, tomorrow is presented in Sucre in the Coliseum and University in La Paz, October 5, at the Hotel Casa Grande.

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