Emotional intelligence is a key factor for achieving success and overcoming … – The Carabobeño

Emotional intelligence is a key factor for achieving success and overcoming ... - The Carabobeño 1

The study of emotional intelligence puts us in front of a discipline of vital importance in the life of any individual, any time through the control of emotions, we can achieve our goals in the professional sphere, as well as resolve conflicts of any family and individual, through the full knowledge of our potential to achieve it.

For this reason, the Venezuelan Institute of Neurosciences Applied to the Knowledge (IVNAC) has been dedicated to providing the tools and knowledge necessary to drive change of attitude in the people, in order to achieve success and excel in different fields with great success in the city of Merida and decided to start a national tour with their training in Emotional Intelligence and Neuroventas.

In the framework of this tour will be in Caracas on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 September, teaching seminars on “Neuroventas” and “it’s Not You I Am” Emotional Intelligence, the hand of seasoned professionals within the facilities of the Forum XXI in the floor 5 of the Centre Latvia, located in the Avenida Principal La Castellana, Caracas.

“It’s not You I’m Me”, Seminar Comprehensive Emotional Intelligence, has as its primary objective to develop the skills necessary to identify and recognize the thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs present in the life of every individual. So that you can manage, to take decisions and actions that allows them to generate the results that you want personal and professional level. It will be a life experience based on the “learning by doing”, with the aim of integrating the analysis of the competences of the personal context, social, labour, business, family, and education, with the identification and use of strategies and tools of Emotional Intelligence and its utility in practice, in the day-to-day.

While the seminar “Neuroventas”, seeks to develop skills of self-control, change management, selling and influencing, effective communication, social intelligence, consistency and coherence, among other topics very important and interesting, for different professions. And is that the participant will develop the skills necessary to conquer the brains of their customers in ways that build and sustain relationships of love, commitment and fidelity, through planning and analysis to be more efficient and effective in the sales process.

And so it is understood how the brain works of the man and the woman at the time of choosing a product, and you will get the knowledge necessary to identify the biases that are selective of the client, to generate the communication strategy, determining why a brand is a favorite over another.

As speakers will serve as Liliana Brown, Jhoan Becerra, Yusmely Gómez and Carmen Ruíz, leading specialists in Neuro linguistic Programming, Neuroscience Applied to Coaching, Neuromarketing, Neuroliderazgo, Cognitive Training, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Growth, Motivation, Visualization, Management, Smart, Neurocach, Effective Negotiation, Logistics Consulting, Neuro-Oratory, among other disciplines.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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