Institute in neuro-linguistic parents of infants of the IWC – The Mexican

Ciudad Juárez, Chih.- The direction of Social Development, through the coordination of the Child Welfare Centres (CBI), offered a course in neuro-linguistic parents.

María Antonieta Pérez Reyes, holder of the municipal building, said that the aim is to support parents in the daily teaching that their children receive.

Although the parents have to work daily to provide a better lifestyle to the children, it is necessary to become better parents, by the fundacion Pedro Zaragoza offers of free training by the master coach Abelardo Betancourt.

The workshop neurolinguistics that is offered is called “The success of your children in your hands.”

The speaker commented that he has little knowledge of ourselves, so we have the bad idea of “believing that, because we love, we can do what we want”, that’s why, in the name of love committed many outrages.

For a child to be successful it is necessary to love, support, understanding and example, however it seeks to educate through beating, scolding and screaming because they follow the patterns that we inherited from our parents, expressed.

Pérez-Reyes said that the Child Welfare Centres seek teachers that cater to children of 4 to 12 years are increasingly better, but also seeks to transform the teaching methods of the parents.

The course of neuro-linguistic programming helps to foster their self-esteem, to understand the problems of the children, to treat them the right way, and to communicate with them, he added.

He indicated that the CBI will cater to 3 thousand children in 71 centres that are located throughout the city.

The Municipal President, Armando Cabada Alvídrez, he has a special interest in the preparation of children from the Child Welfare Centres is comprehensive, for it is made training, permanent staff and now to the families.


programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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