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There is a colombian that reaches more than 13 million people a day without being president or a singer. Ingrid Macher, a woman in this city of 43 years, conquered the u.s. market with its message that ‘fitness’ and their motivational speaking.

Your routines and nutritional advice we have been around the world and have become one of the ‘influencers’ most powerful of Colombia. Now, with his second book, ‘From Chubby to Mamacita’, Macher seeks to continue to grow in the continent and around the globe.

@adelgaza20, as it’s called on Instagram, went from being a few minutes away from dying to be an icon of the exercise and the healthy life. After a strong attack of asthma, Macher was proposed and lost 50 pounds in 90 days. Started ‘Slimming 20’, the plan of power that it shares with its more than 15 million followers.

His second book arrives in Colombia after conquering the u.s. market. ‘Chubby at Mamacita’ has been led by eleven weeks, the list of ‘best sellers’ in the category of Dieting and weight loss on Amazon, beating other ‘influencers’ as Sascha Fitness.

Under the message “everything is possible for one who believes”, Macher, invites all women to set goals and fulfill their dreams.

Why build your business based on social networks?

I start my life as an entrepreneur, because there are many ‘youtubers’ and influencers in social networks that don’t do anything with your followers or do not have a clear message. I told myself that I had to write books and travel to other countries to carry this message of nutrition.

How prepared you are for this whole process?

I studied nutrition and all issues relating to the exercise and the management of the mind. I also learned how to monetize and pay my bills. People think that because you’re an ‘influencer’ you have to give them everything for free and don’t remember that one also pays for their own services.

You mention in your book the term ‘programming neurolingüistica’, what is it and why is it so important in your life?

I started to study neuro-linguistic programming because I thought it was great how you can receive orders in the brain without paying a psychologist or a specialist. With words and procedures are very simple, we can change the perspective of all and take away a lot of excuses from above.

What is it that you like most about your new book, ‘Chubby at Mamacita’?

There are books that say many things and don’t have the solution. ‘Chubby at Mamacita’ yes. There is No excuse. The routines can be done at home, in the park or in the office. In addition, the book not only invites you to become irresistibly healthy, but also to be very nice inside.

Throughout this process I learned the power of know how to wait and that things are not when you want to, but when God has predestined. Is not to write a book for writing, but to give you a sense.


programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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