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The creation and Day Centre St. Vincent.


to foundation Nocka Munayki (I love you) introduced the Transcendental Meditation the therapeutic program of two centres of rehabilitation of addictions, in the Create (Centre for Rehabilitation in Addictions Santiago del Estero) and the Day Centre St Vincent’s B° The Catholic, through an agreement with FONGA (Federation of Ngos working in addictions) and the Argentine Association of Transcendental Meditation.

This incorporation was made through a training program coordinated by Dr. German Martina, President of the Argentine Association of Meditation.

The training ended on Friday, July 28, to be developed throughout the week and was directed to the therapeutic team and to the young people who are engaged in their treatment in the Create (Center for Rehabilitation of Addictions Santiago del Estero) and in the Day Centre San Vicente, both institutions belonging to the Foundation Nocka Munayki.

When asked about the characteristics of transcendental meditation, and what are the benefits for those involved in rehabilitation treatment, Dr. Martina said, “it Is a simple technique, without effort, and that you can learn in a short time, and brings great benefits to those who make a habit, such as identification of areas of tension in our body, relaxation, both muscular and mental, predisposes us to perform daily activities and helps us to find calm in moments of tension or stress”.

From the Foundation were very comforted and pleased with the training, because, according to professor Claudia Tarchini, partner-founder of Nocka Munayki. «It is a dream that we wanted to meet for quite some time now, we understand that transcendental meditation is a fundamental tool for self-knowledge and the management of our emotions, hence it is of vital importance for the treatment of the kids in treatment.»

For his part, the director of the Establishment, Betina Ramos, thanked FONGA and the Argentinean Federation of Transcendental Meditation, and to Dr. Germán Martina, for providing this valuable contribution to the Therapeutic program of the rehabilitation centers Nocka Munayki.


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