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It is a program in the Municipality which began in San Isidro and today is being replicated in schools throughout the country. What carries out the Service of Medicine for the Stress by the doctor Daniel López Rosetti.

With just six years the students of the Municipal School Malvinas Argentinas San Isidro already know the benefits of meditation, thanks to the Meditation Program in Schools (PROMECO). It is an initiative of the Medicine Service of the Stress that directs Daniel López Rosetti in the Central Hospital of San Isidro.

Every day in the classroom, first thing in the morning, the students close their eyes and breathe deeply for 10 minutes. “Concentration and reduction of school violence are the main benefits”, said the mayor of San Isidro, Gustavo Posse after witnessing the meditation on the part of students in the first grade.


“This is a stroke of genius. Already replicated in hundreds of schools in the country. In this school of Beccar was the test pilot four years ago. First, trained teachers are those who guide the boys. From the scientific point of view the meditation improves the learning, but above all, the idea is that they also improve as people,” added the mayor.

After the success of the meditation program for 2015 in the schools of San Isidro, the initiative was replicated in schools throughout the country by means of a distance training course for teachers, via the Internet. There were more than 3 thousand consultations and enrolled almost 400 colleges. Also already put in practice a school from Canada and another from Peru.

“These guys in 30 years, surely when you have a crisis of nerves are going to breathe deeply and you will contemplate recalling his first grade teacher. The idea of this program began as a dream four years ago and today thanks to the support of the Municipality of San Isidro gives its fruits,” said Rosetti.


Rosetti explained that these meditation exercises provide three very important benefits to students: increased concentration in the study, memory and attention; the management of the emotionality, improving the link with the teacher; and decrease in violent reactions.

“Teach you to meditate to a guy is a great contribution because in the future you can defer a negative emotion or an act of violence by a reflection accompanied by a meditation”, finished off the specialist in stress.


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