How you should fall asleep at night: top tips –

Everyone’s different, but on average it should take you around 10-20 minutes to fall asleep when you bed down to rest for the night.
This is considered ‘normal’ – but if you’re not normal? What can you do to attain that elusive 10-20 minute lead into sleep?

“I fall asleep instantly”

If you’re out for the count the second your head hits the pillow, your body is likely telling you that it’s not getting enough sleep generally. It’s trying to claw that back by making sure you nod off the moment you get the chance. Try and increase the number of hours you spend hitting the hay – adults need around 7-9 hours a night.

“It takes me hours to fall asleep”

If you really struggle to drift off, it might be that you’ve been sleeping too much (and therefore your body isn’t quite tired enough to fall asleep yet), or you may be suffering with sleep onset insomina, which is when you can’t stop your brain from racing, and can’t seem to put your worries aside and let sleep take over. 

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Your new bedtime routine

It’s crucial to create the right environment for you to go to sleep in, one that will mean you get your 7-9 hours, and that will ward off sleep onset insomnia.

Why not try some of these top tips for winding down before bed?

1. Remove all electronics from the bedroom, so you cannot check emails late at night, play games, or be distracted by the light emitted by devices.

2. Avoid exercise right before bed, as this will wake up all your muscles and get your blood pumping, when really you want your body warmed down and relaxed.

3. Don’t have a cup of tea or a night cap before bed – caffeine and alcohol will keep you up, and then disrupt sleep when you do manage to drop off.

4. Try to relax, be that by having a long soak in the tub, reading a good book, or just listening to some soothing classical music.

5. Make your bedroom as dark as possible by investing in blackout blinds and muted bulbs for your bedside lamps – if you must have a light on.

6. Remove any clocks from the bedroom, so you can’t stare at them while waiting for sleep to arrive.

7. Turn the heating off – a cool room is more comforatble to fall asleep in than a hot one.

What helps you drift off at night? Tell us in the comments box below…


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