How Transcendental Meditation Keeps Gisele Bündchen at the Top … –

There’s no doubt that Gisele Bündchen is a busy woman, but thanks to her transcendental meditation routine, the legendary supermodel is able to juggle all aspects of her hectic life.

Speaking with PEOPLE, the 36-year-old reveals how the natural technique has changed the way she handles the stresses of her life and what works best for her.

“Meditation has been a great tool for me in my life. It helps to quiet my mind and helps me see things more clearly. It brings a sense of peace to my day. Meditation provides me space to rebalance and refocus when things are at their busiest,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

When I started practicing Yoga in my early 20’s, I also started practicing meditation,” Bündchen adds. “I am very fortunate to have learned at an early age.”

Transcendental meditation, which is a natural, effortless technique that is practiced sitting comfortably in a chair with the eyes close for 15-20 minutes (twice a day), is just one form of meditation that Bündchen practices on her own.

“Gisele had been meditating and doing other forms of mediation for a while,” Bündchen’s meditation coach, Bob Roth, tells PEOPLE. “A few years ago she heard about TM and she loved it. She also loves the work of the David Lynch Foundation, so I think that’s how she came to it.”

For Bündchen, who is mom to daughter Vivian Lake, 4, and son Benjamin Rein, 7,  she knows exactly what time works best for her and finds it easy to practice just about anywhere.

“I prefer to practice early in the am, before the kids are up. Probably because that is when things are silent. I feel a big difference in my mood when I practice regularly. Meditation brings so much clarity for me. I love it!” she admits. “I can practice in most places. Sitting in my bed is probably my favorite though. But on an airplane, in a hotel when traveling or  in the passenger seat on the way to work… really anywhere! Meditation is a trip you take inward.”

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How Transcendental Meditation Keeps Gisele Bündchen at the Top ... - 1

How Transcendental Meditation Keeps Gisele Bündchen at the Top ... - 2
Gisele Bundchen/Instagram

Like anyone else, Bündchen experiences her fair share of stress, but being able to meditate helps her refocus and deal with her day to day responsibilities.

The busy life we lead today generates a lot of stress. We are overloaded with information and overcommitted to so many tasks in our homes, jobs, causes … I think meditation is a wonderful tool to deal with stress,” she admits.

“Her profession and her career is so outward directed. There are so many demands and challenges — whether it be her business, modeling, family or whatever,” adds Roth. “Mediation twice a day allows her to settle down inside and reconnect with her own true self. It helps her handle the stress, the demands and the pressures like nothing else.”

“It also allows her to enjoy her life even more,” he adds. “It’s not just the question about managing the stresses, but getting to actually enjoy her life and her beautiful family and the opportunities that she has. She speaks with eloquently about reconnecting and keeping that connection with her self.”

“She says it allows her to stay at the top of her game,” Roth continues. “I think she’s like other people at the top of their game who stayed at the top for a long time. They all say mediation helps them get to the top and stay at the top.”

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