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The science has advanced in the study of the functioning of the neurological processes of the brain and behavior. Because of this, there are now many techniques that seek to modify habits to achieve success, this is the case of the Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), which takes as its basis of study the relationship between the functioning of the mind with the language, to help people make changes in their behavior more effectively.

One of the main approaches of Neuro-linguistic Programming is to work with the unconscious mind, which is in charge of making up the 95% of the actions that we often do and we don’t realize. An example of how the unconscious mind can be the way to get a bag getting into always first the right arm, or let go of someone when you walk down the street, the two are automated activities that we always do. The work that is done in the unconscious is important, as it can be so powerful that it even serves to overcome fears and phobias that have been there for a long time.

Many presumptions adverse implanted in us through the unconscious, in this way were formed the limiting beliefs, that frustrate our plans to not make us feel safe or capable of something. This type of precepts are the ones who shape the image that we see in ourselves, according to the experiences of life and cultural condition with which we grew up.

For example, if a person has said as a child he was a bad artist, it ceased again and never developed the techniques needed to draw well, because he believed that he could not do so. The same thing happens in the case of cultural factors, which can repress certain talents and reinforce limiting beliefs.

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Why do people accept a belief?

According to the NLP, the ‘logical levels of beliefs’, are a representation of the way in which we organize information. It is a pyramid where the base is the environment, above is the behavior, then come the skills, the beliefs, and at the top is the identity. It has always been believed that what most defines our assumptions is the environment, since the context in which we move, whether business or familial, is very important.

However the reality is exactly the opposite, because the identity has control over everything else. “To change our limiting beliefs, we must first identify our identity as a person, to have a clear identity, what we think begins to change, as having convictions can begin to develop capabilities that we never thought to have, and to have those capabilities we start to change the behavior that we had on the environment, then the environment begins to lose validity in our assumptions,” says Louise Terrace, a psychologist and instructor of ASEIA, organization specialized in the development of the human talent using NLP.

If you want to eliminate all the negative beliefs, that are only a hindrance to your work and personal life, it is best to start to strengthen your identity, you have to be clear who he is as a person, what it is that you want. Don’t forget that the environment is not what defines who you are, because you have the power to transform your environment.

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How to eliminate limiting beliefs?

A good exercise to define your identity, write on a paper all your goals and how you plan to achieve them. If it is not yet clear ‘how to’, don’t worry, the most important thing is that you know specifically what you are looking for, what are your reasons and what you really want in your life.

Once you have defined your goals, to achieve them it is important to work on the repetition of tasks that bring you closer to that goal because, according to Terrace, “we are human beings we move through habits and to build habits is necessary to repeat activities.” For example, if you want to be more healthy and look good, but not believed to be able to have a routine in the gym, start with short exercises that will strengthen their beliefs and their trust, then in a couple of months he will be willing to take on the challenge of paying for a subscription to a gym.

Don’t forget that when you place your goals, they must be in present time, don’t put “ in a couple of weeks I’m going to try to get a job that I like more”, instead write “get a job that I like more”, because the unconscious has no sense of time, for it is all here and now, do not take into account things like what I do tomorrow or right now. So even though your goals are long-term and the view in five years, it is better to write them as if they were getting them today.

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