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NLP or neuro linguistic programming is the name of a series of techniques developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the seventies that focus on the modeling of the behavior and excellence in human language for the creation or transformation of beliefs in order to achieve a desired result.

In Mprende we wanted to deepen more about this technology that has transformed millions of people in the world and has great potential to make entrepreneurs common in entrepreneurs extraordinary. For this reason we interviewed Sergio Manzano Macías, one of the few colombians authorized to certify the levels of Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Coach of NLP and that has more than 6 years of experience in NLP.

Mprende: How the NLP is converted into an opportunity to do viable projects of the entrepreneur?

Sergio Manzano: let us Start from the idea that entrepreneurs have powerful ideas, but before you go meet with a few mental barriers about the fact, that we will call them beliefs or conversations, and does not allow them to develop to their full potential because they are focused on the can’t.

The Neuro – Linguistic Programming arose as an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to change and program your unconscious for success, understanding the deep structure that has the language in the creation of reality.

M: areHow an entrepreneur can face the fears with himself?

SM: it’s Not about «coping with» fears. When we refer to “confrontation” unconsciously we are saying that it will be difficult, or I’m going to suffer. Maybe it’s taking a posture that you will do something with or without fear. What we do is support entrepreneurs program your mind to turn the conversation about the barriers that stop, and believe options that were not there before.

M: How NLP can influence the target market of an entrepreneur?

SM: An entrepreneur who has the ability to be programmed and “alter” their own reality imposed by a model of beliefs, you can open up your spectrum of possibilities and be led to a redesign constant in order to confront the circumstances that are presented.

M: From your experience as an entrepreneur, How he has been helped by NLP?

SM: I Am a lawyer by profession, and he believed that the future of my profession was solely determined by factors external and unrelated to me. However, from the NLP I was able to create a redesign of my role and this is reflected in my law firm, which today is the largest which advises teachers in the country. On the other hand, I found potential alternative for the future development of extraordinary people, teams and communities, consolidándome currently as a member of Synergy.

In other words, I am an entrepreneur full-time with different possibilities that were created from the NLP and today allow me to carry a pace of life that is compacted with my role as a father and husband.

M: What is a “statement” and how to determine the reality of a person.

SM: A statement is the way in which human beings choose to create a new reality, and the NLP supported in an extraordinary manner to the consolidation of this as a goal well-formed, creating a new possibility that would not exist if it were not adopted such a stance towards life.

M: Compártenos a council to create an extraordinary reality.

SM: There are three key words: Declaration, Commitment, and Action. But perhaps the best advice to create an extraordinary reality is to learn how to program your unconscious mind. For this reason, I invite you next Saturday 27 may and 3 June, at our workshop NLP Neuro Mprendimiento in their Basic and Advanced levels.

For more information about the workshop of neuro – entrepreneurship, we invite you to visit the following link remember that with the proper training you can go from being an entrepreneur that is common to one decided and remarkable.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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