How to communicate to achieve our goals and live better … – The Andes (Argentina)

Both professionals are Master Trainer International in Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP), with extensive experience in the areas of public and private-sector members of the board of Directors of the Latin american Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Thanks to the possibilities that has given the Neuro-linguistic Programming, have been devoted to training in communication and well-being and visit us this month of may to develop learning experiences, experiential and unique to project and create change, to identify with precision the thought process its own internal and other people, use the techniques of modeling to quickly learn to do what others have been made with much more effort and dedication and to make better use of own resources.

When we asked Liliana and Lorena why they opted to train in NLP and educate from this discipline, we are told that «NLP helps you to generate flexible strategies, creative and powerful, in the design of new opportunities in life». This provided them incorporate such techniques in private development and professional change situations that, as moms, teachers, and as workers, they were making it impossible to grow and improve. To see the result great in them, which led them to be found in the pursuit of wellness for both of them and now have them working together, they decided to transmit the NLP to other people, to enable them to achieve a perception of wide powerful and rich of the world, that they facilitate processes of change.

«What the NLP achieved in us, they told us, we want it to be affordable by many who today are looking for how to design future powerful to allow them to a life of well-being with their emotional ties and labour».

The reality in which we inhabit is linguistics, what we tell ourselves of ourselves and what we express to others, determines our existence. Learning to communicate is a skill “existential”. Know how to communicate with others is a competency that determines the quality and character of our existence and determines our happiness and the fullness of meaning in our lives. In the words of Echeverría: «Many of the results that often we attribute to bad luck, saved in rigor relationship with these competences communicational and with our inability to observe them and give them the importance they deserve. What we are able to do in life and the opportunities that we open up, point to them. Someone once told me, the chance seems to us. Without denying the chance, there is, no doubt, some truth in it.»

We invite you to discover the power that encloses an assertive communication through the incorporation of tools of NLP. The workshops will provide the specialist Liliana Peralta Ramírez and Lorena Rodriguez in the framework of the International Certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming, begin on Friday, may 26, and are held in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the UNCuyo.

Bet by know the key to a good relationship and the construction of happiness with others. Sign up!.More information at:

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