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Danielle McNally ran four marathons without any problems; however, the meditation he took it out of box… in the beginning.

“When people say they don’t have time to meditate, I ask them: ‘do What you have to feel miserable?’”, ensures the meditation guru, Gabrielle Bernstein.

This practice is suddenly a trend, with one new study each week, touting their benefits: stress reduction, anti-ageing and a stronger immune system. Appears literally to change our mind exhausted, switching off the parts that are involved with anxiety and activating the ones that maintain your emotions under control.

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What are the negative points? Basically there is none. It is as a medicine of wonder that needs no medical prescription and there are no side effects. Then I added it to my list of pending activities.

The problem: I never did. How could I stop the thoughts? The experts will tell you that there is nothing wrong to meditate while in a comfortable position in a quiet place, focused on something specific, and you maintain a nonjudgmental attitude. But my first attempt was a tragedy. All of this led me to contact Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Miracles Now.

“I’m trying to meditate, I find myself angry with me because I can’t”, I confessed. “It is as if you were trying to beat all in the meditation.” He assures Me that it is a common trend among their clients and to start to practise it with a 45-minute session it is as if for the first time you ejercitarás for a triathlon. In fact, less than five minutes is sufficient.

Bernstein teaches me a meditation kundalini for beginners: taking long and deep breaths for three minutes,repeating the mantra sat nam (truth is identified),and then I stay sitting for a minute. Subsequently, I feel full of energy and relaxed.

Bernstein gives me instructions to meditate on a daily basis. Medicine wonderful or not, meditation is much more difficult to swallow a pill. So I collect a few more tools. Disclaimer the application of GMOS. I Can Meditate!, which focuses on specific moments (such as conflict, stress, office, transportation).

I especially love that used to wait in a row, that I use in time to check my Instagram. Every day I meditate more and more, I even started to take it out on a daily basis. And the more I do it, my mind will be less distracted. Beginning to plan my day around my classes in The Path.

A Tuesday morning, I choose a jumpsuit in silk with stripes of zebra perfect with the purpose of sit with the legs crossed in my class. I received multiple compliments. Meditation has countless benefits.

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