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Juan Carlos Castellanos C.- “The enemy”, of Claudin Sunday, is a book of nine stories in the vein of psychological and fantastic to explore three key issues such as the links with the maternal root, the death and the gemelidad. In several of these stories, the interweaving of the mother and death gives way and walk to a treatment clearly tragic.

It is the presence of a mother devouring the soul of the son, a manifestation of impulses enemies that exist in every experience of motherhood, and the society seeks to hide. In other cases, it explores the absence of the mother figure and its psychological sequelae in some individuals confronted inside by this grievous lack.

Each story has a death as the gravitational center rather than as the end-point; around that death, itself, of the mother, the daughter, the brother or the enemy, the characters are thrown into a process of psychological transformation, the basis of the plot of each story. The book has as its structure the secret to the legend aztec “Mictlán”.


“Roads cross”, James Peterson, creator of the researcher “Alex Cross”, famous for being the detective, psychologist, father, and hunter of serial killers. After spending more than 30 years in Washington, this famous detective will return to Starksville, his hometown. Their presence is uncomfortable for some, especially when he decides to investigate a case…

It is a delicate matter, in which is involved his cousin, accused of committing a horrible crime. Each step gives you about a killer despicable, cold-hearted, and the truth about his own past. The answers you find can be fatal. But the desire for justice Cross is insatiable and could conclude triumphant once more.

That, because the detective knows that the hardest cases are those who face the truth. So you think just because you created Patterson (Newburgh, 1947) is a prolific writer and worldwide success. In the united States, out of every 15 books sold is one of this author, and his works were published in more than 50 countries and sold 16 million copies each year.


“#EfectoPositivo”, Antonio Esquinca, is offered as a book that can serve to update, download, reset and improve the life of the reader. From the idea that life is a reflection of our thoughts, the author presents a guide for achieving what he has always wanted to, but that unconsciously has been believed impossible to get.

That is to say, to improve the quality of life, the situation sentimental and economic performance. The goal is not just to get a change individual, but a force to move the whole family, the society and the country as a whole. So great is the strength of this work easy to read and understand, suitable for readers without distinction of age, sex or occupation.

With a clear exposition and entertaining on false beliefs about happiness and the reality, in addition to several exercises and tips to change habits, Esquinca presents the positive message which is already known in its radio programs and directs it to a goal: a change key to have a richer life, full and successful.


“Slimming with the head”, of Yohana Garcia and Robert Dalí, argued: have you ever wondered what are the causes that prevent to lose weight and improve your health? Being overweight is a result of a conflict multifactorial that is not only with the food; behind obesity is hidden emotions, fears, faults, and prejudices.

In this new edition, Garcia and Dalí offer a holistic view to treat the overweight and promise to help to discover and resolve the internal conflicts and cross-generational. At the same time provide information to improve the metabolism and to define a plan of power, and show rituals of psicomagia to materialize the dream of achieving the right weight.

Yohana García was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a writer, speaker, therapist, metaphysical, and tarot reader, and has the degree of Master and Trainer of International Neuro-linguistic Programming; Robert Dalí is International Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, although he considers himself self-taught, thinker and researcher of the food processes.


“The return of the fallen, Lauren Kate, he warns: Every story has its hidden side, and the protagonist of this one is “Cam”, the adorable and disturbing villain of the series “Darker”. And judgment: heaven is being with who you love; hell, which keep us always on your side; so, he writes Keta, a recurring author best-seller “The New York Times”.

In this installment, “Cam” knows what it is to be severely punished. Know, also, that until now no angel has fallen to hell as many times as he and the new conviction that he is living is to return to high school and being a companion class of “Lilith”, the beautiful girl always falls in love with and who is serving a sentence for his sins.

To save it, “Cam” makes a bet with “Lucifer”: you Have only 15 days to make a girl fall in love with him once more. If you get it right, “Lilith” will be accepted again in the world, and you’ll live happy on the side of “Cam”. If it fails, “Cam” will be sent to a very exclusive hell, specially designed by “Lucifer”. And time is running out.

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