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Perhaps the first thing that comes to the mind of women when they think of childbirth is an image of intense pain. The experience of family members, friends and well-known, and even the influence of cinema and television, has made us associate the enlightenment as a stage of suffering, hours agonizing and desperate cries.

“Culturally, society has “programmed to the future mothers to live birth as a painful experience. This, in terms of neurolinguistics, it is a negative programming that conditions the brain to associate that moment with the condition,” explains German Torres Silva, a medical doctor from the Universidad del Rosario, clinical hypnotherapist and master in neuro linguistic programming.

To change that paradigm, because the labor does not have to be a traumatic experience, some years ago came to Colombia a technique known as ‘Hipnoparto’.

It is a method that uses elements of clinical hypnosis, together with relaxation techniques and meditation to make the mind accept and resignifique the pain that occurs when you give birth as a natural process, eliminating the fear and anxiety. It is, in short, a tool non-pharmacological pain management in labor.

“What is done is to apply breathing techniques, visualization and positive affirmation for the body and the mind of the mother enter a state of deep relaxation so that your body starts to interpret the pain in a positive sense and the release of that cycle of tension, pain, and fear that almost all mothers experience during childbirth,” says Susana Good Cute, medical ob / gyn with training in clinical hypnosis, certified by The Proudfoot School of Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy and who counts with great experience in the practice of the hipnoparto.

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Without clocks or orders

But, contrary to what you might think when we speak of hypnosis in the birth process, this technique is not numbed to the mother through a pendulum or submits their will, or its autonomy to orders external as we would be accustomed to seeing on television.

“Being in a true state of hypnosis it does not lead you to lose consciousness, but to win it. What this is about is to access the subconscious to release negative programming that is there about the delivery on each woman and change it by programming positive in that the pain is accepted and handled with calm and harmony. This leads to that the patient is able to control areas of your brain that normally does not control, in this case those areas where you find the sensations of pain and to encourage, instead, the relaxation areas which lead to the absolute tranquility,” says dr. Torres Silva.

To start the process, it is ideal to do so from the seventh month, with a weekly session of individual training guided by a therapist for three to four weeks. In this time it is looking for is that the mothers learn to autohipnotizarse since in most cases the therapist will not be able to be with them when the day arrives.

Know how to develop periods of labor.

Therefore, according to the scheme proposed by some specialists, is sometimes giving them a custom CD with audio for the mom to practice your self-hypnosis daily at home and is able to apply the techniques once contractions begin.

Its effect will depend on the degree to which the wife agrees to therapy and confided in her. That is to say, if the patient does not believe in hypnosis, it is not delivery to the technical and creates mental blocks, probably will not work because as is said popularly, “it’s all in the mind”.

Now, the experts in hipnoparto are very emphatic in clarifying to all women interested in this technique that at no time is promised to deliver without pain.

“It would be absurd to deny that feeling so natural in the delivery. What do we do with the hipnoparto is resignificarlo for the body to accept with less resistance,” warns dr. Susana Good.

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Both she and the doctor Germán Torres, have had patients who have not needed to use the epidural injection, while others have managed to get labor with a high degree of expansion as they have managed to free themselves from the stress and anxiety that stimulate the pain while accepting with peace of mind contractions.

“A few months before having my baby, we did sessions of hipnoparto with dr. Susana who helped me a lot to manage the pain. The delivery was wonderful as I expected,” says Birke Human.

“The sessions hipnoparto confidence in my own body and this ensured that my pregnancy and delivery were inspirational experiences and unforgettable”, said for his part, Roos Helmich, another of the patients who have undergone this technique with this ob / gyn is colombian.

Now, have a birth calm and happy, according to the experts, it brings many benefits to the baby that does not perceive the stress of his mother and on the contrary, receives the discharge of endorphins that are released in states of relaxation.

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