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“The functioning of our mind,” “subjective Perception of reality” and “Limiting neurological” are some of the topics that will be addressed in the XXIV Diploma in Neuro-linguistic Programming will be given by the psychotherapist humanist Carlos Herrera.

The diploma, which will start on Saturday 24 and will be divided into ten modules, each of eight hours, aims to provide various tools and techniques of Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) to improve the personal and professional development.

The model had its origins in the united States in the 1970s, in the wake of the studies on patterns of behavior that made the mathematician and psychologist Richard Blander and the linguist John Grinder.

Mexico came in 1990 and one of its main promoters is mr. Carlos Herrera, who believes that, among other benefits, NLP helps us to understand the decisions that we make.

He adds that the field of study is very broad, but you could say that NLP studies the unconscious processes. “By understanding how we think helps us to understand why we make the decisions we make and how through that we appreciate life and we build our reality.”

The specialist adds that the study of unconscious processes one finds that there are visual (they are careful in their dress, combining colors and textures, are organized and speak in visual terms), sensory (rather than worrying about how they dress, what they seek is to be comfortable, are more connected with their emotions) and auditory which, in turn, are divided into tonal (in its majority musicians and artists) and digital (teachers, politicians, company directors, who are good at talking).

“To understand this, we can take what we like about a person and model the good things he does from understanding that there are those who learn best by what they see, or what they hear or movements.”

It also explains that Neuro-linguistic Programming is also used in the solution of conflicts, in sales, in education, in negotiation processes, in sports, in advertising, in health and in politics.


“NLP has many applications. It helps us to understand how we choose a partner, how we educate our children, how we choose what to study…,” notes in an interview, after commenting that also improves self-esteem, relationships, removes limiting beliefs, change habits and unwanted behavior (overeating or smoking, for example) and to acquire skills that are admired in any person.— Jorge Iván Canul Ek

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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