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Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s all in the mind”?

Because there is no prayer more certain than that. According to Héctor Felipe, conductor of radio and communicator, motivational, the solution to most of our illnesses and problems are found in the unconscious. In addition, it ensures that the topic of parenting is also related.

What is the vital role that parents play in the lives of children?

Of course, especially if it is the word “no”. This does not register in the brain at the time of speaking. For this reason, when a child would say not to do something, what they understand is that you do. It is something interesting to this question. On the other hand, this also applies to advertising, as a phrase wrong conjugate may mean the disappointment of many consumers. This is the reason why I also dedicate to provide guidance to companies to manage an assertive communication. Also, I try to guide people regarding the political world, especially when it comes to speeches. 55% of what is said in a presentation relates to non-verbal communication, 38% is tone of voice and 7% are the words.

How to speak correctly you can achieve by myself?

Self-taught is very complicated, but there are techniques of Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) that can achieve this. There are some very good speakers that are charming. However, what is of interest is how you say things. Just on the radio said that a person should praise in public and draw attention to them in private. We are a society of critics and if you call attention to someone in front of an audience, hurt emotionally. Failures in private and the congratulations in public. This applies in children. If you make a mistake and you insult, his self-esteem is damaged, change if what you encourage, the result is different. This I applied with the contestant Hugo Apaza, who wanted to withdraw from the contest for a theme of panic to the cameras.

What did you do with him is called “brain reprogramming”?

Yes. The producer of the program asked me for help. When I accepted, allowed the cameras to come in, as this will not allow you to feel free with me. After our session I called him after the program and I congratulated him. To hear me, I felt her crying and told me that no one had told him that, not even their parents. That reason led to see as the father to the public and to the camera as a weapon intimidating.

It sounds easy to be able to achieve this process, but how does this technique work?

It seems, but it is not so. The reason is that people are drowning in a glass of water. If the other to give an entrance exam thinking that you already entered, would achieve your goal without any problem. When the practice of reprogramming, there is the complication of being with a very sensitive issue. Why should you do a retrospective to find the beginning and thus give you a way out.

Your social networks are always active and there is a word that you say often, “mentalizarse”. What really can be achieved?

The unconscious is 60 times more receptive that the area is aware of the brain. Mentalizarse can be achieved in 21 days, because you can learn or unlearn something new. Some therapies use this time to be administered.

You are a businessman, speaker, coach… How do you meet all of these facets?

What happens is that I delegate my activities, something everyone should do. Despite the fact that I do more things that at other times, I feel very happy to cultivate them. So that others can achieve it you must do a cleansing on yourself, this will help you to achieve success. According to Harvard, success is the sum of knowledge and skills multiplied by aptitude. This last is very important, as that is governed by the discipline, order and punctuality. With these pillars develops a style of life less worried.

With respect to your topic in the conference “School for parents”, a problem in Peru is that the majority of parents does not end of children. How do you apply your knowledge?

That lies in the grandfather who raised dad and a young mom. There is a statistic that points out that people who are not crawled between 6 and 8 months were married more quickly, as they jumped to their stage. That’s why I emphasize the importance of not burning their life cycle. This chain continues from generation to generation to provide a solution. Assertive communication should be active.


Hector Felipe. Driver and certified coach. Specialist in Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP). Is a radio announcer Happiness, has participated in television spots, encourages events, recorded commercials, and leads musical programs.

September 21, there will be a conference “School for parents”.

N°1Hector Felipe is considered to be the first motivating communication of Peru.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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