There will be today an afternoon spiritual with sufi music and meditation – La Gaceta Tucumán

Yerba Buena live this afternoon a meeting of singular spirituality with the presence of musicians to the sufis and praise to God. The sufi order Halveti Yerrahi will offer a ceremony of remembrances of God with music and movement. The day, called “The threshold: prelude to the divine love”, will be in charge of 33 musicians and the sheikh Safer Baba, who give a talk this evening at 18.30 in the Study Sweet locker Room (Jump 64, Gallery plaza mayor local 33). The entrance is free of charge.

Sufism is a spiritual tradition ancient East. Those who practice this vision of the world defined it as the science of divine love, which is transmitted to all spiritual paths authentic throughout the history of mankind. As well as the water adopts the shape of the container that contains it, the sufism took different forms according to place and historical context in which they developed. Their truths were dumped in Babylon, ancient Egypt, Greece, India, and in ancient China.

The event will begin with an introductory talk about the sufi path and will continue with the representation of the Remembrance of the Divine, which consists in performing movements accompanied by the recitation of divine names along with the singing of Ilahis (religious hymns) and sufi music.

“The function of this spiritual path is that the human being awareness and find answers to three basic questions that we all have the obligation to make at some point of our existence: why we are created?, what is our role on this earth? what is it that awaits us after we leave this plane of existence?”, explains the organizer of the meeting, Suleyman Geddes.

“The Human being has been created to love, not to fight; the short cut, the shorter route to reach to God is the ashk, the term sufi, which refers to the extreme love. When they asked a great saint and teacher of the path, Shaikh Sefer Efendi, the meaning of this word said: “My beloved master taught me two things, not many…, When you worship God do it with love and serve all creation with absolute dedication and compassion.” “This is a big challenge,” he adds.

The sufi order Halveti Yerrahi is one of the branches of the Higher Path. The ritual of spinning in Remembrance of God, as well as the prayers that are practiced in Islam, are patterned on the acts of worship of the angels.


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