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Perhaps by now you’re already best friends with Google Home. We won’t judge you if you tried dressing it up but frankly, we are more interested in your daily activities with the smart speaker. We know the device is being improved with more features and commands since it was first launched and a lot of users have been sharing their discoveries.

One of the many things Google Home can do is play music from different streaming services. Of course, one of the top sources is YouTube aside from Google Play Music and Spotify. Google Home has a collection of ambient sounds that it can play when you ask it to. Such sounds and white noises can help a person relax and focus so they’re a necessary collection.

If you want some help in concentrating to study, you can ask Google to play you forest sounds, crickets chirping, waterfalls, rain or any relaxing sound as your background. They can help you focus on work, fall asleep, or even calm the baby down.

You don’t have to launch your music app, just say “Ok Google, play____” and it will played in an instant.

Here are some commands and audio that will play on your Google Home:
“Help me relax”
“Play ambient noise” 
“Play an ambient noise for 2 hours”
“Play fireplace sounds”
“Play river sounds”
“Play forest sounds”
“Play white noise”
“Play fireplace sounds for 2 hours”
“Play river sounds for 2 hours”
“Play forest sounds for 2 hours”
“Play white noise for 2 hours”
“What other ambient sounds do you know?”

And here is a list of the ambient sound options:

• Babbling brook sounds
• Country night sounds
• Fireplace sounds
• Forest sounds
• Nature sounds
• Ocean sounds
• Oscillating fan sounds
• Outdoor sounds
• Rain sounds
• Relaxing sounds
• River sounds
• Running water sounds
• Thunderstorm sounds
• Water sounds
• White noise

The collection is only available in the United States but some users report that they can also try the commands.


SOURCE: Google


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