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The ministry of Education of San Luis will offer workshops on relaxation and meditation in the schools with the idea to offer proposals that could reduce tensions and contribute to improving the relations between the members of the educational community.

Give workshops on relaxation and meditation in the schools of San Luis - M24 Digital 1

The proposal is free of charge and optional for public schools, private schools and self-managed who wish to add the initiative.

“By adding these techniques in schools, the idea is to lower stress, manage emotions in a positive way and enhance the interrelationship and coexistence. This is directly related to the objective of reducing the violence and achieve the mindfulness of the guys in the processes of teaching and learning,” said the head of the Program on Justice, Universality, Needs, Talents, Opportunities and Solidarity (TOGETHER), Carolina Del Valle Sosa.

The official indicated that the workshops will be held under the theme “Happy in the classroom.” “This is part of the Protection Plan Comprehensive School, which the ministry launched last year, which includes the program Bullying Zero along to talks and workshops that address violence and bullying at school, among other actions,” he said.

Sosa added that the idea arose as part of regional meetings that the educational portfolio last year with principals and teachers throughout the province.

“There are schools like the N° 243 ‘Brigadier Juan Manuel de Rosas’, who work on similar initiatives with students of 4°, 5° and 6° grade, where they have had very good results. What we seek is to extend this type of actions to develop habits that allow to concentrate the energy in a productive way,” said Sosa.

In addition, he said that the workshops will be offered to schools where the last year the Program Together had some kind of intervention and that there will be assessments monthly to measure the impact and outcomes.

In the meantime, the psychologist specialized in education Vanina Romo opined that “these types of intervention bring many benefits, not only to improve the educational environment, but also allow you to increase concentration, improve our memory, reduce anxiety, stress, depression, work absenteeism on the part of teachers and managers and, above all, allow you to manage emotions such as anger and prevent cases of bullying”.

And he added that “the key to having a true effect is that it is practiced on a daily basis and generate the habit to be able to use these resources in situations that require it and serve as a link to improve relationships”.


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