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Year by year the earth reaches the key point to give place to the day and the night with the same time duration, a phenomenon known as Equinox , and that sets the tone for the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the south.

This phenomenon occurs twice a year in spring and autumn, the rays of the sun touch directly on the equator and illuminates equally in the two hemispheres.

Spring is a great time for planting and harvesting, to perform the activities of fishing and hunting, but above all it is time of abundance.

During this period the nature gives us great transformations, left behind the cold winter and the life wakes up again. The flowers bloom the fields greens and some animals reproduce. It is a new beginning for all.

Take advantage of this new stage, take a breather and reconnect with nature with a meditation, you do not have to be very extensive the only thing you need is a space to themselves, forget for a moment the concerns and everyday activities, play music that helps you relax and focus on your breathing. First put your mind in white and slowly visualize yourself in a connection with nature, and with that new beginning that is to come.

If you were not able to go to some pre-hispanic ceremonial center, as pyramids or ruins to recharge , do it from where you can or want to, preferably to be outdoors, you may be in the garden of your home, in the park or where you pay to be a while alone with yourself.

Regardless of beliefs, customs, and knowledge, the Equinox is the start of the spring and the fall, from which you will get the weather phenomena related that the man will have to live with for the next few months with the respective changes generated by global warming.


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