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October 5, 2017 – 10:47 The professional, specialised in NLP and Logotherapy, gave several talks on the “being a woman” today. He stressed that, in the pursuit of gender equality, the man dropped the courtesy and chivalry.

María Belén Zannier

Gabriel Mary Ísola is a master trainer in Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) training in Logotherapy, a branch of Psychology that prioritizes a look of existential man. Consultant in Human Development, specializing also in Anthropology, Theology and Ethics, has dedicated more than 30 years ago to the conduction of group dynamics. His guidelines work is evident in its model of in-Depth Education, an instrument of transformation in the way of thinking that results in behavioral changes. Provides a range of conferences in various countries and in the chips dictates how regular a specialization in NLP and conferences on human relations.
The cycle “Hysteria, how I love you” is a series of conferences that address, from a look of recognition, the nature of the woman, the relationship with the man, and the various prejudices of those who still object to the feminine universe. The cycle was composed of lectures “The luxury of being a woman”, “The luxury of being a woman in the drama” and “What happens to the men?”. The last talk, which will be held before the end of the year, will address the topic of sexuality. “The idea of doing this cycle arose to vindicate the role of the woman, I have 6 sisters and 3 daughters. The feminine behavior filled my house, with all their peculiarities and virtues”, he pointed out to The chief Captain Gabriel Ísola.
One of the prejudices existing about the nature of women is dimensioned in the employment pejorative of the word “hysteria”. “It is unfair to call the hysterical woman. This term has to do with a particular disease by erratic behavior. But the men, for injuriarla, you get this epithet. ‘It is a skinny, hysterical’. It has to do with how difficult it is for the man to understand women.”
Understand the life cycle
Ísola highlights that certain changes of mood of the woman are related to the life cycles typical of the female nature. “When the woman is in her fertile period, her entire physiology is called to the union, at the meeting, while when it is in the period premestrual is desasosegada. The biological impacts in the psychological and behavior. This is neither good nor bad, it is simply a peculiarity of being a woman. The man does not understand this and it bothers you. There is a lack of knowledge, both of men and of women, this biological cycle and its emotional impact,” noted Ísola.
The specialist in NLP stated that social and cultural advances of the last decades, which made women to play new roles, have impacted negatively on the actions of men. “The woman has more authority and money, he learned to detach from the children and is more active in sex and love. The man was astonished with the progress and had to change their behavior.”
In this context, he explained that another term used in a derogatory manner is the word “complicated” . “This term is a critical maligned, as if there were an act of will in the complication. The woman is seen as someone who is complicated and that becomes a mess for any thing. To do this, we sum the incomprehension of his mood changes. The woman is not complicated, it is complex. And I say that as something honorable, because his nature has certain variables more difficult to deal with, such as the delivery, that the nature of man. Unraveling this complexity is of greater ability and even the same woman does not come to feel it”.

Goodbye to the man cortés
While many men were accepting and following the achievements of women in recent times, such changes resulted, generally, in new behaviors to Ísola are negative, as the lack of courtesy, responsibility and chivalry in the modern man. “The man never understood the woman and not do anything for it. Has it, accompanies it, banking and suffers. The man lost the position of power they had in the past and then abandoned the care, the courtesy, the chivalry, the respect for a person that goes through trances many more serious, such as childbirth. Before, when the woman relied upon the man and he felt responsible for her, she was a knight. Today with gender equality, no longer acts with responsibility in the link,” noted Ísola.

Links light
The professional he also emphasized that among men and women currently lack a true encounter, as well as links based on feeling and not on convenience. “Today, when John and Mary begin a relationship, see if it suits them to live together and, based on that, prove it. The expense-sharing and safe sex are the motors of couples today live together and not in love. Try to see how it goes and, if it does not work, bye bye. Is a way light of the responsibility”.
And he warned: “I wonder, in the case of one of the two to become quadriplegic, what would you do? What returned to the parent’s home or they would take care of the other? I would say return it, because there was not a link. It is unknown the value of a relationship, of affection. The courtesy was lost in the pursuit of the idea of equality”.
Against this background, Gabriel Ísola posits that the challenge goes through re-train for the future. “You have to establish a level of communication and dialogue more fluid. And that does not happen when the guys go bowling, previously addicted to alcohol, to see with whom they spend the night. There is a loving encounter with the other, but an encounter of genital, two masturbaciones shared. And that leaves solitude. The challenge is to be found with the other, but first with oneself”, he concluded Ísola.

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