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De las artes marciales a la meditación: El camino espiritual de un joven italiano

Davide, 22, a sociology student from Milan, Italy, said that his spiritual quest began at an early age.

His interest in the martial arts and meditation eventually led him to study the teachings of Falun Dafa two years ago.

Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, is a traditional chinese cultivation of the body and the mind.

Was first introduced to the public in 1992 in northeastern China, and has attracted tens of millions of people.

This practice, which has gentle exercises and meditation, and that is prohibited by the chinese communist regime, teaches the universal principles of Truth, Benevolence and Tolerance.


A practitioner of Falun Dafa in Uk.

Davide said that his interest in chinese culture came from, which was small. Was there more than 10 years learning martial arts of China and Japan. In turn, also felt curiosity about different systems of meditation.

“In the institute, my friends and I used to sit down together to meditate. We didn’t have a teacher, but we did it because we enjoyed,” he said.

The group broke up after graduation, because they went to different colleges in different countries. However one, who went to a university in the Netherlands, after he told Davide that he found a great spiritual practice to cultivate mind and body.

“He said, which is called Falun Dafa and gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun in Italian”, said the young man.

First you thought I was not going to read the book immediately, although I was struck by the amount of positive changes in his friend.

“He stopped drinking and smoking. Became a better person and much better in school,” he said.

Seeing the enormous changes of his friend from cultivating in Falun Dafa, Davide finally decided to read the book.

The profound principles in the book resonated in him: “I told myself that I would be a practitioner of Falun Dafa, and that this would be a new beginning in my life”, describes about it.


Davide, a sociology student of 22 years old from Milan, Italy.

Harsh repression in China

As he advanced in his new cultivation practice, Davide also learned more and more about the abuse of people with the same belief in China. In this way, began to participate in other activities in Milan to inform the public about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China.

Collected signatures asking the government officials to take action about it and went to Chinatown to talk with the chinese about the persecution. Many of the chinese have been deceived by the propaganda defamatory of the chinese communist regime.

Also went to other countries to support similar activities. Once they travelled more than 10 hours to go to the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, to ask the officials to help stop the theft of organs of falun gong practitioners living in China.

“When I participated in these activities, at the beginning, I did not know how to do things. But for me, it is very simple: Falun Dafa is so good, and no one should abuse to innocent people,” he explained.

Un desfile en el centro de la ciudad de Oslo por practicantes de Falun Dafa en Noruega. Jóvenes praticantes estaban meditando en una flota floral.

A parade of Falun Dafa practitioners in the center of the city of Oslo, Norway. Young practitioners meditate in a fleet floral.

Working with other practitioners also had opportunities to improve his heart and mind. “Very often when I had conflicts with other practitioners, I realized that I needed to do things better in order to comply with the principles of Truth-compassion-Tolerance”, he adds.

Also, Davide worked with another intern in your university to talk with the teachers about the persecution.

“We had a lot of support and the opportunity to project on the campus a film about the persecution in China,” he said.

Guide to life

After witnessing the positive changes in Davide, his mother also began to read Zhuan Falun.

Having practiced Falun Dafa for two years, Davide said that his initial excitement had turned into deep understandings.

Talking about his future plans, he confessed that he was not sure yet about going to work or continue studying for a degree. “But one thing is for sure, my cultivation practice of Falun Dafa, will continue forever”, he emphasized.

This article was originally published in, a web site organized by practitioners of Falun Dafa, to disseminate information about this spiritual discipline in china and the persecution suffered by the Chinese Communist Party.


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