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From 1 June the CAPS of Barranca Colorada provide a Meditation Workshop. It will be open to the entire community of Villa de Merlo.

The workshop is part of a set of actions that will be rendered by the CAPS Municipal. Its main objective is the promotion of Health and prevention of diseases. The cornerstone of the Strategy of Primary Health Care (PHC).

Meditation is a practice that invites you to introspection and self-knowledge. Helps to quiet the mind, improve breathing capacity, to develop self-care and self-pity. At present there is enough scientific evidence to demonstrate the beneficial effects of this practice. Among the most prominent are the reduction of stress and anxiety, in addition to reducing the pain, mainly in chronic diseases; improves the functioning of the Immune system, improves memory and attention capacity; and increases neuroplasticity.

For these reasons, it invites the entire community of Merlo and the surrounding area to participate in the space that will be provided every Thursday at 10:30 in the CIC of Barranca Colorada, with a duration of one hour. It is only necessary to wear comfortable clothes. No prior knowledge needed, only the intention or curiosity to learn about and participate in the meetings.

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