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FLOR Santillana is the smile of life.

The joy of good health and the friend of the positive messages.

Host and actress, your life revolves around tv programs, radio, works and fitness.

Without limits in their projects. Charismatic and persevering in their decisions.

“I like to make capsules with messages for the development of the people. While there are many everyday things that we must do, we must also give time to take care of our body.”

Collaborating in Forum TV, but their specialty are the topics of coaching in neuro-linguistic programming.

“All focused on the search for the best performance in the individual, but also that they know how to explore and draw out your strengths as a person. In addition to that work in the production of a theatrical play”.

Flor Santillana loves life. Enjoy the aromas of day-to-day found in every dawn and help her to be a better person.

“I like the turn to give something back to the people, in the areas of fitness and healthy eating. I think that I am in this way. There are many things that we wish to express, and this time I had to do it to me. I love that”.

The model said she has worked at the side of Sofia Sanchez Navarro, Toño Esquinca, Arturo Macias, Charo Fernandez, Johnny Welch, Martin Espinoza.

“As well as opinion leaders and even bankers, because I give workshops overcoming. Since very small I was always very restless and she wanted to be on tv, with artists, known to the whole world. Now that I have done, I hope that a lot of people to exceed their dreams, to seek out what you crave because that makes you a better person”.

Model runway, her existence takes place in forums and venues with artists.

“Everything comes from the inside and that is where one puts the goals. Fortunately I’m constantly looking for what to do, and that is the power of the mind is stronger and you should take all the advantage possible.”

For her the important thing is to change the chip, and inserted a new one where you seek to be better.

“If you wake up with all the attitude, if you see that the day is cloudy but you get the goal that will be a good day, it makes you in sunshine, in joy. That’s what I always convey to. The positive. The best essence to life”.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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