Five simple methods to quickly deal with stress – (press release)

Пять несложных способов быстро справиться со стрессомHow to calm your nerves in 5 minutes.

Frantic pace of life does not give anyone a feeling of peace. And even if you like it, there are moments when all tired and want to quit and go somewhere into the wilderness. But if this is not possible, we have to get out of this situation independently. How to calm nerves.

Stress pursues us every day, resulting in disturbed sleep, reduced ability to work and deteriorating the relationships with people. It’s hard to keep negative emotions inside, but often just not possible to get rid of them. So when the nerves pass, we often do not know how to clean myself up and get back to solving the problem. And that is what should save us from suffering. How to calm down?

5 ways to calm your nerves in 5 minutes:

1. Do the breathing exercises. No way to sleep to relieve stress and to calm down? Then remove the tension from the muscles. Do breathing exercises or breathing exercise to relax and relieve stress. Straighten your shoulders, breathe deeply, making a small pause after the exhale. Can also include in your schedule for walking outdoors and Jogging in the evening or in the morning. Take care love, for example, painting or reading your favorite books, listen to relaxing music, take a massage using essential oils of ylang ylang, geranium, Mandarin, patchouli and bergamot.

2. Drink and eat the right foods. For example, drink sugar water (a glass of water and teaspoon of honey), or treat yourself to products containing vitamins B1, B2 and B12 (buckwheat, eggs, legumes, seafood, apricots). But don’t get carried away with eating that adds the weight, as fatty foods and sweet pastries may help to calm down, but in the future will bring problems, due to which you will again be nervous.

3. Think about water procedures. Scientifically proven to quickly calm down helps Obyknovennaya cold water. But not as an internal reception (although that helps, too), and the external application. For example, you can wash in cold water. And if you have makeup on, then carry a rose water spray: it will only fix your makeup and help relax. Water has a calming effect, so it is advisable to take a cool shower in the morning and warm in the evening. Health well affect also contrast shower. And best of all go swimming, because it is a great workout for the body and great stress relief.

4. Think about something good. Positive thinking can be used all over what you are doing: cleaning the house, rearranging furniture, cooking dinner. Just set the right tone. If you need to calm down for 5 minutes, imagine yourself in your favourite spot, breathe them (figuratively speaking, of course). In General, methodical work will set you in a positive way and make it more organized and thoughtful. View a Comedy, because laughter not only prolongs life, but also really calms the nerves. If none of the above does not bring long-awaited peace, then seek help from a doctor who can prescribe you sedative medication. However it is not necessary to use too often, as it’s most important to get rid of what causes stress.

5. Listen to your favorite music. It is proved that favorite songs, not just soothing melodies, namely favorite tracks help you relax and relieve stress. So, the music louder!

Set yourself up for positive thinking and all the forces fight with the problem which you are having trouble.

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