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Life is stressful, thank God for music and sound, because without it I’m not sure we’d be able to cope. The internet, as usual, has a ton of options to help us do things such as meditate, focus, and sleep. So let’s check out some of the highest rated apps out there!

First up we have, which is a super simple, super light productivity music web app. It comes with four channels, which include Electronic, Downtempo, Rain, and Classical. Simply press play and go for it! I mean it, click that play button!

Pixelthoughts isn’t quite the same as music, but it’s a sixty second time out for you to literally write your stressfull thought into a star and then watch it float away as some seudo-Comic Sans tells you that the universe is massive and your problem is tiny and dumb. Click through to the website for the full effect. I muted sound on this so as to not piss everyone off.


Breathe is an Apple app that sends you reminders throughout the day to just chill out a little. People who use the app are pretty happy with the experience they’ve got out of it so far. This one is ideal for people with high stress jobs that don’t know when to relax themselves.

You can even edit the messages to say whatever you like, whatever you personally need to calm down a bit and relax your shoulders.

White Noise

I’m not a fan of white noise, especially after I lived in a house where it was blasted at torture levels to keep a baby asleep. However the White Noise app which is available on literally anything can let you choose different noises you want to relax to. This includes airplane hum, air conditioners, rain, rain heard from the inside of a car, the amazon jungle, crickets, and the list just keeps on going!

This online app comes with ten free trials, whatever that means and takes a scientific approach to getting your brain in the space it needs. It says things like “analysing usage” and stuff, which I’m not sure actually does anything because this is the first time I’ve ever logged into it.

According to them “ is currently in the process of scientifically validating its concepts, but no study is currently published.”

It has three modes, Focus, Meditate, and sleep. Initially two of the options are locked off till you upgrade.

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