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The yoga is an ancient practice that opens energy channels to a path that is more spiritual. In addition, it is a good method of healing for different problems and help to improve the style of life. Includes exercises like meditation, breathing, concentration, and self-cleaning. For this reason, the interest in practice is increasing each day, as their techniques to restore energy and help many people to discover an inner peace, through meditation.

The practice of meditation has been for thousands of years, essential part of eastern culture that is responsible for disseminating its benefits to physical and mental health around the world. Today, however, has a great scientific backing that affirms the contributions that it provides to the mind and body of its practitioners.

The master educator Roger Gabriel, whose spiritual name is Raghavanand and recognized for its training in meditation and his work in the Chopra Center in the united States, explains that “true happiness comes from a deeper level of being, and that is why people are discovering the practices and meditation *yoga*”. There are breathing exercises and meditation which work consists in the practice of the mental part more than learning a position, it is as well that both of these practices must be performed in a complementary manner.

Therefore, the purpose of commemorating this Wednesday, June 21, the International Day of Yoga, Dr. José Luis Pérez-Albela, detailing five (05) advantages of starting to practice meditation and yoga:

Helps to weight loss: Their postures and techniques help to weight loss. Moreover, with the regular practice of yoga is usually to be more aware about the kind of food that the body must eat and the right time to do it. It helps to have a style of life much more healthy and to maintain a suitable weight.

Improves the immune system: The postures of yoga not only massaging the various organs of the body, but in addition strengthen the muscular system. Also, breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation help to free us from stress and improve our immune system.

Relieves tension and blood pressure: The daily practice of yoga is a natural method to get rid of the tension and the stress accumulated daily. Through controlled trials, and studies have shown that meditation helps to lower and maintain the blood pressure of hypertensive persons and people under great levels of stress, regardless of the age of the practitioner.

Increases energy: Ending the day and arrive completely exhausted at home. Just practice a few minutes a day of yoga you will feel fresh and full of energy, even after a long day. In addition, with only ten minutes daily of guided meditation you will get great benefits in body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized despite having had a hectic day.

Improves flexibility and posture: yoga improves flexibility in the muscles and improves the range of motion in the joints. Include yoga in your daily routine will benefit to having a strong body and healthy. In addition to improving posture, yoga stretches, tones and strengthens the muscles of the body.


  • The yoga has a positive effect on the states of depression or anxiety. And reduces the chronic headaches.
  • Yoga helps people with diabetes because it increases sensitivity to the sugar in beta cells in the pancreas.
  • Yoga strengthens the immune system to defend against diseases, reduces chronic pain and helps the blood pressure.


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