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Guía del Ocio Felipe Rojas: “El habano es una forma de meditación”


Musician, teacher, sommelier and they smoke fine. Of percussionist baroque became the second chilean to win the most prestigious competition largest international tobacco company in the world —the Habano Sommelier of Cuba— and here delivery data to the enjoyment with smoke.

Three years ago, Felipe Rojas (37) he left the university and the music to devote himself to the wine, but he had already been five learning of cigars. And over a year invested to be a champion: “You have to learn the portfolio (the measures of habanos), which are about 300 sizes, also the pairings and smoking sick, because they are 27 brands and you need to know the characteristics of each one of them.”

—What would be some recommended thinking of drinks in chile?

—In terms of the pisco, with step-by-barrel, there we can play with the strengths stockings of Romeo and Juliet, Juan Lopez, Montecristo, Vegas Robaina. Now have appeared more formats short, smoked in 15 minutes to half an hour, they go well with a coffee or a cocktail, which is one of the latest international trends. An old fashioned negroni or a rusty nail.

—What is the reason why the cigar?

—Is focused on removing the stress. A sort of meditation, because once you start the cigar, just the chat. It is a gift for one.

—What are the cigars more consumed here?

—At the global level, for Montecristo n°4 and Romeo n°1 of Romeo and Juliet. Now, for the first time, took a cigar for Chile —launched in 2016— the brand Ramon Allones and is called the Patagonian. It is of the strong fortress and of format Petit Edmundo. Your snare is 52 which is the thick, 110 mm long. Short but thick, with a sick punch. Sold only here.

—How long is a cigar in good condition?

—There is a certain period of time. Now, in the last few years, there have been lines of cigars aged between 5 and 8 years or more. Twisted (produced) and saved intact. Become more sweet, silky.

—What distinguishes a cigar real of fake one?

—Visually you see seals never good posts, and at the time of fumarlos is note that have not gone through the whole process. But the taste is often very bitter and the aromas are not the same. And if you open them, appear things such as paper or the hairs of a horse in its interior.

—What it means for the cuban a cigar?

—Is part of the culture more deeply-rooted, his flag, his demonstration of what he can do. The tobacco leaf was discovered by Columbus and beyond, and from there go out into the world.

What where you smoking?

La Casa del Habano (Isidora Goyenechea 3000, underground, Las Condes). Also in TerraNoble, Red Luxury Bar, Lapostolle (Apalta), Santabrasa, Starnberg, Hyatt Hotel, Wine bar, restaurant, 040, and Viña Matetic.


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