Fanaticism: The black boxes of beliefs –

From the psychological point of view, the fan suffers a distorted cognitive and an attitude of paranoid in that abstracted elements of reality for their own benefit and neglects the plurality and diversity. Therefore, it assumes that their beliefs are absolutely true, and applies a compulsive need to defend them and promote them. I want to start with examples drastic and move to situations of subtle and seemingly naive. Few days ago we all heard the details of the worst massacre in the history of the united States, which was committed against a crowd attending a concert in Las Vegas and left at least 58 deaths and more than 500 injured.

Now, let’s look at the mental health systems to ensure that the infiltration of sectarian pseudo is overwhelmed: Neuro-linguistic Programming, family Constellations, Bioneuroemoción and sects business of “human development or life coaching”. The latter, you’ll recognise it by the gobs of a hand making the sign of the 4 stuck in their cars, a sign of the “transformation” achieved. On the other hand, the social networks, especially FacebooKKK have ended by becoming in a space impermeable to the contrast of opinions in a community watertight in which everything is designed to affirm, strengthen affairs idyllic and in which there is much successful people, congruent, beautiful and blessed; a true Disneyland of the life postmodern.

The critical question is, beyond the differences of expression of the dynamics of fanaticism, they are all virtually identical in their base. Arriagada Cuadriello (2013) asserts that when certain mechanisms of discrimination and exclusion are established and become social practices, these notions are associated not only to a way of “seeing” the world, but a way to “make” the world. The nuclear issue of fanaticism is that their practices are becoming the actions are so frequent that sometimes we are not even able to notice the exclusion. So, for example, 34 percent of the mexican states that when you think you have the reason he is willing to go against what is established by law to defend their point of view and a 4 per cent, considered that expelling someone from a community is justified because it is not the religion of the majority (National Survey of Religion, Secularization and Secularism, 2016). The rhythm fanatic that we are going, there will no longer be subjects, but followers.

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