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Torreon, Coahuila.- For the student of ninth semester of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Unidad Torreón, Island Gabriela Torres Aguirre, make a stay international at the University of León, Spain, is a unique experience.

With only 21 years of age, a native of Torreón, Coahuila, Island made his stay in Europe, and was a recipient of a scholarship of International Mobility to strengthen their academic experience in their specialty of Marketing.

“It is a unique experience, I would reach the words to describe what I lived, was a period of personal growth, social, cultural, academic, that would not change for anything,” said the college student.

Currently she is studying the ninth semester and has an average rating of 95; by their eagerness and enthusiasm to the studies she won a scholarship through the Coordination of International Relations of the UA of C provided, in addition to the process and support in the exchange.

For Isla Gabriela Torres Aguirre, one of the best opportunities, he said, were the courses to which he had access every weekend on topics that you want to focus as the coaching and business leadership and neuro-linguistic programming.

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He described that represent the UA of C on the other side of the world is a source of great pride; the great support they received from the start of the process was the approval of the raw materials, so that they are compatible and could be accredited.

Torres Aguirre, said to feel fear of change, traveled with a companion in your room who also won the scholarship and were mutually supported in the face of a new culture, different people, food, places, but gradually they adapted and grew in all aspects.

He studied the materials of Game Companies, Logistics, and Business Creation, matter was different, the way to impart them, all the days should present progress of the project and describe tools and electronic media, we did not use paper, » he said.

A normal day for the student to FCA Torreon was get up, prepare breakfast, do the tasks of your classes, eating, and walking out to the University of Leon at 3 in the afternoon, “I Was in a small town, of which I was walking, everything was close by, had an hour theoretical and a practical aspect of each of my subjects every day.”

“What I found most difficult was adjusting to the schedule is a difference of seven hours; in the question of culture, I met people of many nationalities, some were allied to the mexicans, the spaniards are serious and direct and most of all I missed was my family, but they say that growing costs and has cost, but the benefits are greater because I met several cities of Spain, Portugal, London, Italy, Amsterdam and Austria,” said Torres Aguirre.

programación neurolingüística Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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