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Mexico city.- With the purpose of bringing the entire population of new alternatives of social coexistence and harmony, the Iztapalapa Delegation carried out for the first time in the open air, a meditation mass with singing bowls, where older adults –primarily – experienced the therapeutic benefits of the sound produced by these instruments.

In front of more than 500 people gathered in the Esplanade precinct office, the musicians Elina Ari and Erwin Alfons, from Russia and Mexico, respectively, made to resonate bowls of quartz and metal, and various types of bells, the protagonists of this peculiar concert.

Alternated with chanting of mantras, the percussion instruments such as the tuning fork, the Jikuri and the touch of the guitar, allowed the inhabitants of the demarcation relax and experience states of well-being and peace, in an open space, unprecedented in Iztapalapa.

As part of the axis of co-responsibility of the citizen, the Iztapalapa Delegation headed by the Chief Delegation, Dione Anguiano Flores, has strengthened the implementation of events that involve the participation of the people in the appropriation of the public spaces.

With cultural activities, recreational events and social coexistence alternative completely free of charge, as well as the promotion of reflections mass, as the Meditatón made the past month of may, the authority delegation seeks to pacify the demarcation generating new social processes that reduce the acts of violence from the family, and to impact directly in the prevention of criminal acts.

In that sense, the Delegation Iztapalapa, adds to the promotion of activities of sports that promote social integration and family, which invites the inhabitants of this and other demarciones out of their houses and enjoy the Ciclotón Iztapalapa, which is held on the first Sunday of each month.

Bike ride, in its second edition will include a circuit of 5 miles through the main streets of the centre of the demarcation, this Sunday, July 2, 9 in the morning to one in the afternoon.

That same day, the Iztapalapenses you will have free access to the universal literature by means of the first function in the musical “don Quixote”, which will take place at 18:00 hours, in the Room of Quetzalcoatl, located at Calzada Ermita Iztapalapa low, two blocks from the metro Iztapalapa.

In addition, for the population that likes the festivals and folk dances, from Tuesday to Sunday 2 July, the Festival of Guelaguetza is held in the Civic Centre, The Arches, located on Road 6 South avenida Las Torres, in San Miguel Teotongo.

From 9 to 22 hours, the inhabitants can delight in the craft tradition, gastronomic and cultural of the state of Oaxaca, through this show, which will continue to occur in other public squares of Iztapalapa.

As is tradition, can not miss, the programming of the “Sunday of Danzón”, which has become to the Esplanade precinct office in the best plaza of Mexico City to dance this endearing pace. This weekend the danzonera “the Knights of The Danzón Benito Guillen”, liven up the afternoon from 12:00 hours.

In addition, this Saturday, from 12:00 hours, the show is presented in “Gala Dance”, which on this occasion the two companies “Assemble Frame Mexican” and “Contemporary Dance » Point Zero”, will captivate with their body movements in the Esplanade precinct office.

The Delegation Iztapalapa, through the Executive Directorate of Culture, will continue approaching the entire population of new options for cultural and creative totally free, in public spaces, in order to engage in the renewal of the social fabric from the participation of the people.


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