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Last Friday, June 9, we present the video where the driver of Televisa, Drako, exhibited in social networks to lack of work, I only had 23 pesos in the bag, a fact that made him doubt his talent, and until the producers of the company.

That same day, on their social networks, Drako clarified that he is grateful to Televisa and would return to work there, the assumption that the programming neurolingüistica changed his life and now works with the motivator of life Marcelo Yaguna.

However, in our publication of Facebook appeared, a person unmasked.

And is that Drako recently had met with the former president of Mexico Felipe Calderón, in a speech motivational.

Although months ago, I only had 23 pesos in the bag, Drako published a video entitled: “Being #Successful is not by chance. Why is so much criticism of those who have more than the rest?”, in defending its position that the poor are kept poor because they “are not educated nor prepared to go further.”

“I can assure you that in the next election, whoever will win, you are going to be complaining about. I believe that success has nothing to do with the political that is driving the country, if mr. Peña Nieto, Calderón, that if you win The ‘Peje’ it does not matter. Us what we need to do is to prepare ourselves better, get to work, wake up early, be better people, and thus to have a better life,” he says in the video.

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